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Sulfalazine please help

I was diagnosed earlier this month with terminal ileal crohns . The doctor prescribed Pentasa but changed it to sulfalazine because of the cost. Mine was described as very early. Has anyone had any luck with sulfalazine for crohns in their terminal ileum?
Ron is yours in the terminal ileum? How long did it work for you? Thanks for the reply.
Part of mine was in the terminal ileum . I had my terminal ileum along with a small part of my colon removed in 2010. I had been off the sulfasalasine by then for a few years. My Crohns is in the large intestine right now. Everyone is different in their response to medicines.
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Sulfasalazine used to be the go-to drug when I was first diagnosed - getting close to 40 years now.....it initially worked well for me, for years, would put me into remission. Over time, the remission periods would get shorter and shorter and eventually I moved on to stringer drugs. Mind you, back then, it was common practice to be put on medication until remission was achieved, then taken off of it until another flare occurred. This is different thinking than these days where maintenance dosages are much more common.

Couldn't tell you if Pentasa would be more effective, that is an individual experience.