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I've been taking 2g/day of sulfasalazine after about a year of treatment failures and 3 batches of prednisolone within this year. I failed on pentasa originally as it gave me terrible headaches and sore throats, then I was told the only other option was azathioprine and I was seriously intolerant to that, so then I tried 6-MP and again surprise surprise I was intolerant to that. I was then given the option of humira, remicade or methotrexate, I wasn't keen on any of them, realistically I would've chosen MTX first because I seen it as the lesser powerful of the 3 drugs but due to not being able to drink alcohol on it I decided against it as alcohol doesn't affect my condition any worse than what it already is.

I then went seen my gastro and discussed further options with him, my dad who has a similar disease in the bowel as me was on sulfasalazine for 21 years with only small flares during this time period, I asked the gastro if I could try this and he agreed although he said he was sceptical whether it would work good as my condition is seen as moderate to severe, although more moderate probably. I have recently began this treatment and I already feel better than what I did. I really hope it is the medication working as I finally don't feel that horrible run down way that crohns/colitis makes you feel.

I have also began 2000mg L-glutamine per day in capsule form as I have heard nothing but praise about this supplement and its help for IBD.

Is anyone else on sulfasalazine alone and having good results?

Tony H

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Sulfasasalazine has been fairly good for me for nearly 30 years , the last 3 years or so have not been so good , as I have had a lot of flares in the last few years .
I was able live a normal life most of the time .