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Has anyone had any success with sulfasalazine? I have inflammation primarily in my terminal ileum. However, I also have knee swelling that is rather bothersome. My rheumatologist recommended I try sulfasalazine, as that tends to help both the knees and intestinal inflammation. However, since sulfasalazine is mainly for colonic inflammation (becomes active in the colonic), maybe that might not be the best choice? What do you all think?
Sulfasalazine was the medication I was put on when I was first diagnosed. It worked well for me for years, I was on it from 1996 until 2001 (I believe) when it stopped working and I was switched. I'm afraid I don't have any other info for you. But, if you're concerned I would mention it to your medical team...
I believe so, but can't remember. This doctor that originally diagnosed me kept changing my diagnosis until I switched doctors and insurance in 2013. At that time, my new doctor told my husband and I that the inflammation was rectal. So, am afraid that I'm not sure. Just know that this medication did help me for awhile.
Thank you. Reason why I am asking is because sulfasalazine becomes active in the terminal ileum/colon. I am worried that it won't work for me as my inflammation is in the ileum. Thanks.
I believe that sulfasalazine releases in the colon, but it is also used for rheumatoid arthritis, so would be more likely to help your joint issues. Mesalazine is used more often for crohn's in the terminal ileum, but both are used more often in UC rather than crohn's. Budesonide targets the terminal ileum, and is a steroid but not a systemic steroid like prednisone since it is released later in the small intestine and therefore not absorbed the way prednisone is.

Hope this helps in your decision making.
Thank you Jabee. My problem is that mesalamine alone will probably not help joint issues. However, even though sulfasalazine might be better for joints, but probably not ideal for terminal ileum. What should I do to help both the joints and the ileum? Entocort is just temporary, so I need to choose something longterm.
Very good information. I will ask my physician to see if I should try that. My rheumatologist recommended i try sulfasalazine, but I wanted to try a mesalamine + entocort first, as there are more side effects with sulfasalazine. However, I think sulfasalazine is worth a try before I consider biologics etc.