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Support for Young Adults with Ostomies in the US



Hi... I saw Mikeyarmo's post about this board on the Teens with Crohn's board... I was browsing and it seemed like there are quite a few people with ostomies... it seems like that is unusual on these message boards, usually I'm the only one LOL.

So I thought I'd post about this... the United Ostomy Associations of America's Young Adults support network is hosting a conference for Young Adults (18-30ish) with ostomies in Cleveland, Ohio on August 2-6. I have gone for the last two years and it is an amazing experience,it's fun, informative, you laugh, cry, share stories you'd never tell anyone else, and just feel completely safe in this environment where everyone understands. I have made life-long friends that I keep in contact with all year.
I have pics from the last two years on http://photos.yahoo.com/kate_118
there is more information on the conference at http://www.uoaa.org/conferences_events.shtml

and there is also a message board for young adults with ostomies at http://www.uoaa.org/forum/index.php with many of the people who attend the conferences who can answer any questions :)