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Support Garments for ostomy

Hey guys! I've had a Total panprocolecomy done a couple of months ago (had a temp ostomy since 2009). I was just wondering if any of you could reccomend a good stoma belt, support garment or the like. I've been having support issues and I need to purchse something that can help out.


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VeganOstomy had actually looked into this.
Hopefully he'll be along soon.
There are so many options for support garments, so you're in luck! I do have several reviews on my blog, but I'd say there are two main categories:

Wraps (from maternity wraps to ostomy-specific wraps that have pouch pockets)

Support Belts (stuff like the Stealth Belt, "Eh Ok Mates", etc.)

Wraps are the cheapest and easiest to use, but don't offer full support for doing things like running or sports. Support belts offer great support, but need to be fitted properly or they'll they tight and restrict output.

I'm a fan of wraps for daily use, but I do own a Stealth Belt and that offers some advantages - one caveat with the Stealth Belt that I have is that you have to wear your pouch horizontally, which may not be convenient for many people (and it makes emptying your pouch a bit awkward).

Let me know if you've got any questions :ybiggrin:


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I use a Nu-Hope belt. You go to their website, put in your measurements and what type of wafer and/or bag you use. Then they'll email back the belt that will fit. I use my belt when I do something that I may be picking up stuff. It offers a lot of support.
^ Another endorsement for Comfizz! I don't have a Stoma anymore but still wear my support pants as they are incredibly comfortable. I've also worn them post surgery (laparotomy) and they really supported my stomach and really made a difference to my recovery.