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Support group in the TampaBay area

Hello, Hello !

My name is Danielle Anderson and I am 23 years old, I was recently diagnosed with Crohn's in April and have been dealing with the BS it comes with ever since. The constant doctors appointments, the fluctuation of weight, the confusion of what's next in our everyday living. As of lately, I've built more of the courage to cope with this disease and live WITH it than battle it and try to live like I don't have it at all.

Here's what I really wanted to get at. I live in Tampa, FL and the only support group available near me is about an hour and a half away. I'm looking to start a support group for the younger people who live in the Tampa/Saint Petersburg area. A group for us to just vent, cry, and eventually help each other. Please if anyone who lives in this area would be interested in joining, let's chat! Or email me at danieandie@gmail.com

We are in this together and the onl way to beat this BS is with each other. :ghug: