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Supporting research using Organoids

Firstly, I want to thank the creators of this forum because when my son was diagnosed in 2014 and very, very scared I shifted into mommabear mode, and found hope here with all of the research that was posted, so much more than what I could find elsewhere. As a result, I got drawn into the MAP theory and was convinced it had to be MAP and I devoted all of my time and energy to raise funds for the vaccine. However, along the way, I learned that things just wouldn't be so easy, that the evidence wasn't as clear-cut, in fact, it is COMPLICATED, and that maybe I was wrong. I have to say, Kiny here also guided me with all of the interesting posts about AIEC and made me consider other possibilities. I have also opened myself to the idea that maybe for genetically susceptible individuals, it comes from processed foods. However, why in some cases of identical twins, if this is the case, does only one twin get it? Presumably, they have grown up in the same household, eating the same foods. Realizing that I shouldn't put all my HOPE in one basket (i.e. the vaccine), and frustrated by the lack of progress regarding the cause (how are we going to find a cure if we don't know the cause?!) and by not knowing which studies were being funded by other groups, I decided to create my own. It has been a very, very difficult thing to do. But my organization has funded Dr. Mark Davis at Stanford University and one of his post-docs, Dr. Vincent van Unen. The cool thing is that they are not part of mainstream thinking and don't have any preconceived ideas that they are trying to prove. Dr. Davis has repeated over and over again that they will go where the science takes them. How are they doing that? Via organoids! I want to share with you all a little bit of hope because I know how important that is in dealing with this disease for everyone. I am posting here part 1 of the video we created from our conversation with both Dr. Davis and Dr. Van Unen. There are 4 parts of about 10 minutes each. We didn't want to bore people so broke it up, and the intro is a bit long but gives a good idea of their credentials. We wanted it to be understandable to the layperson, so it doesn't go into great scientific detail. If you watch this first one, be sure to come back to see the others too. It gets more and more interesting and maybe it will give you as much hope as it is giving us, because for at least me, HOPE is my oxygen... And please share your thoughts!
You know, there are serveal million people worldwide with crohns, i have thought the power of the internet and technology can help find a cure faster.

Like when you hear reddit readers influence the stock market agaist some of the richest people in the world.

I honestly think people with crohns have the power to interact with scientists influence the direction things go influcnce big pharma help with funding help with sharing knowledge.

If scientists become active on here and start talking with us that is a big step forward. Let the people with the disease see whats happening and share there thoughts.
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