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Surgery Advice Please

Got a colonoscopy last week due to blood test finding Anemia and a FIT test found blood.
Found a Polypoid Lesion 40cm up in the decending colon. Not cancerous at this time,
but the GI Doc says it could become cancerous if left alone. Last colonoscopy, 2015, It was apparently there listed on the report as a benign lesion.
Had IBD since 2006.

Suggestions? Advice?


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New York, USA
Not sure exactly what you are asking? Were there any biopsies taken during the scope? Usually polyps are removed during a scope, not sure if lesions can be treated the same way. Did the doctor say what type of follow up they recommend?
One polyp removed, biopsy says benign.

One lesion found, biopsy says no cancer now, but could become cancer in the future.

Lesion cannot be removed by endoscope, too large, Dr. says.

Go back to Dr. for follow up visit in one month which would be the end of this month (September).

Will also see my GP who got this whole thing started at the end of the month.

What am I asking? Well, I suppose I'm not quite sure myself.

Anybody had a resection for this sort of thing? How did it go?

Irritating, because I've been doing so well!

I eat nearly anything I care to eat.

2-3 bowel movement per day. ( although not normal stools )

No pains ( never have had pain ).
Well, NOW I talk to the GI Doctor again and he says I may have to have my colon TOTALLY REMOVED to ward off cancer!

Says the lesion in the descending colon is an adenoma or an adenomatous polyp which is likely to become malignant.

Also suspects a tumor developing in the ascending colon. He believes after removing all of this and anything else that
is diseased there won't be much left, so I would likely get the whole colon removed and the small bowel connected to the
rectum & a pouch created there.

Anybody out there have this done? How has it worked out for you?