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Surgery confirmed......FINALLY!!!

Hi guys n gals..

After what seems like an eternity,i have finally been given my date with the surgeon,i had to plead,beg and get down right ruthless to get to this stage as the consultant seemed reluctant to do a referal letter to the surgeon,i was phoning everyone and anyone i could,some got a bit pissed off receiveing phone calls every day but thanks to ANOTHER consultants secretary i finally got my letter done.
I then got my app to go see the surgeon,next in line and thought,its finally happening,only to be told just before i was due into his office he had been rushed away to do emergency surgery,i thought,YOU HAVE TO BE F***ING KIDDING ME!!!!so had to make do with his 2nd in charge,which went well enough but really wanted to speak with the main man,it had taken me 6months to get to see him,and then to be told no,i was ragging,but i relayed my fears,queeries to his no2 and he said i will get the surgeon to call you,basically i had a problem,summer holiday booked and had 2 choices,cancel holiday and loose £1000 or plead with surgeon to postpone surgery till i came back.
Luckily sense prevailed,he was more than happy to let me have my holiday and would operate on me the week after i came back,so i was was totally shocked when he phoned me a week later and asks "are we ok for may then" i was struck dumb,i said "your kidding right" to that he says why not,eh because you told me i could go on holiday and get op when i came back...OH ok,totally laid back as if he was taking the piss,anyhoo relief set in again when he said ok,see you in july,so 24th july is my date with destiny haha...
So in just over 2months i will be joining the Stoma Club...:ghug:


Fab news Craig, enjoy your hols and good luck, fingers crossed it doesn't get cancelled xxxx