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Surgery induced Remission, Year and a few months still healthy

I will make it more extensive later on...

Jan '10 - Didn't have the big D but just intense pain and more and more weight loss.

Feb '10 DX CD - Tried different drugs but didn't work

Mar - April '10 - In and out of the hospital due to blockages

April '10 - Surgery to removed inflamed section around and including ileocecal valve. Took 2 months to gain 50 LBS to get back to healthy due to being extremely underweight. Started working again, going to the gym, just enjoying life.

June '10 - G.I. puts me on 200 mg Aza to keep me in remission due to how severe it got so fast in the past.

Current:Aug'11 - Still feel amazing, gained 15 LBS of muscle since going to the gym, can't tell I was ever sick except for the scar on my abdomen. Just certain foods which include a lot of MSG cause minor temporary bowel movement pains due to I have no idea what I'm guessing just all the processed shit that's in bad food.

Overall - feelsgoodman.jpg
Yes me too , i am happy for you.Do you have Crohns or Colitis?. I had all my colon removed and do have a bag at this point, hope to have a reversal in about 6 mths. I have felt pretty good , i too am trying to put some weight on . I lost 30lbs ,which is alot for someone whos 5ft 9in. I am still in the stage of eating soft foods wtc. But Now i see hope at the end of the tunnel. Thanks again for sharing.
HI Zal, i'm glad to see your doing so well, and the drug is working for you and that your in remission. i hope you stay that way for a long long time. best wishes.:thumright:

Wow this sounds just like my experience. I had my surgery 1 month after you! Same problems as well. Although instead of aza I'm on 6 mp. Congrats
Hey guys just checking in quickly. I'm still doing great no signs of Crohn's now 2 years after my surgery. Aza is still working well as a remission drug. I'm still working out regularly and am up to 170 lbs!!!! Scary to think 2 years ago I was down to 100 lbs... :( I think I got a pic of my progress so far somewhere.

Oh well take care guys, I hope everyone the best of luck with everything. I won't ever forget this wonderful place of information and community!!