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Surgery Looming!

:eek:utahere: !!

After being admitted at 4am last wednesday with obstruction and threatened with emergency open surgery, after 5 days, the crisis passed, i am home now, and am now hoping to be put onto an emergency list. (waiting for operating theatre to be vacant!)

parents have signed consent form for laperoscopic right hemicolectomy and ileo-colic anamastosis. (removing part of large bowel and re-attatching it to small bowel through keyhole).

surgeon says i need surgery in next week or two, but his list is full till end of september.

any advice? please remember i am still only 15! nothing scary please :panda:

and also what to eat until then!

thanks :panda-wave-t:
I had that surgery they removed 1 ft of small bowel and a little of the large bowel and all went well no probs at all and after the recovery (about 5 weeks) I felt and still do feel fab so try not too worry your young and fit and you'll recover well. I have no side effects either. I was able to eat solids 2 days later low res diet for 6 weeks then totally normal diet after that. If you want any more info just ask. Good luck xx
HI there, if i were you i would only stick to liquids for a while until september. Like ensure boost or any nutritional drinks and gatroaid to keep you hydrated. this is my suggestion.Stay away from fibre it can only build up in your system and clog things up making your condition worse.Especially whole wheat products. this is my suggestion. best wishes i hope your surgery goes well and i hope things clear up for you soon.Hang in there.


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Hey Josh, I have had the surgery you are getting. I had my Ileum removed about 6 inches or so. That type of surgery is the less invasive type and you heal quick and easier. I only had a 2 inch scar or less. I have had many obstructions and they are painful. Full bowel obstructions to me is the worst pain. Some surgeons use epidurals, so you dont feel the pain after, some dont but you get lots of pain meds. Don't worry you will be fine. But as mentioned above stick to creamy or liquids for the time being. Ensures help alot and you get the nutrition you need. Avoid chewy foods, especially meat and raw veggies. Let us know when your big day is. Hang in there.