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Surgery on Tuesday

Hi my name is Jeff, I was diagnosed with Crohns disease in 1996 after experiencing a years worth of abdominal cramping, weight loss, fatigue and loss of appetite... pretty much most symptons of Crohns. I had left it soo long before going to the doctor that after taking meds for only 3-4months I ended up requiring surgery for a bowel resection. I had lived a pretty normal life for a few years but ended up with an abscess in 2000 in which I had been hospitalized for and after attempting to drain and rid with antibiotics ended up requiring surgery to remove the abscess and since they were in there they also removed the inflammed portion of my bowel. I again lived a pretty normal life with only a few flare ups which worried me, (more abdominal cramping) that was usually the sign to show me things were acting up. I always seemed to have a bit of discomfort after I ate, and frequent bathroom breaks and that I believed to be a normal part of my life now.

I recently started to experience some cramping again with major cramping, also night sweats and flu like symptons, I tried to fight it hoping that things would eventually clear up, started watching my diet more and only eating things that were easier to digest. After about 2 weeks I finally broke down and went to Emerg, I knew someting wasnt right... the symptons were way to familar to the other times I had been hospitalized. After running tests and scans I was admitted to the hospital once again for having an abscess and my infection levels through the roof. I was treated in the hospital for a week to get things back under control.... had too... I was leaving the following week for the dominican to get married. We had 60 guests attending and everything was paid for and we didn't get cancellation insurance so I had to get better to go. Against all advice from doctors and surgeons telling me not to go, we were bound to go. So everything got under control, I was on a high dose of prednisone, azacol, antibiotics and multivitamins, Iron and calcium supplements, and my infection levels were down, so we went on our trip. We had a great time, I watched what I ate, did not drink alcohol which I thought would suck for our wedding but was alright! We retured from our holiday and I had an ultra sound which showed no more signs of an abscess so at this point we started planning our honeymoon to Mexico for the end of May. It was only a few days after this that I experienced more pain again in my abdomin and went for a colonoscopy only to find out that things were still not that great inside.

My scar tissue is pretty severe and almost to the point of blockage. Which I find strange because I don't seem to experience much pain now but only discomfort after eating, and that for me is normal. My doctors want to start me on Remicade and from what I can tell doesnt seem like a bad thing... unless someone can tell me otherwise? So I am scheduled for a bowel resection on tuesday and not looking forward to it... worried about the recovery and how long it will take to heal. I am hoping to go back to work after only a week but we will see. I have an office job so luckily now lifting anyways. But we had our honeymoon planned... which we had to postpone till July and a white water rafting trip in June... hoping I will be able to still do? Anyone got any recovery information as to how fast the healing process is... it seems to me my first surgery was the worst recovery time but my 2nd one didn't seem to be as bad. I think this time I will document my days so I can offer to someone else what I will go through.

Anyways that's my story... wish me luck.
Hi Jeff. It sounds like you are having a rough time of it - multiple surgeries and recurring symptoms. You certainly have my sympathy. I think if you are having a bowel resection this month, it's not advisable for you to attempt white water rafting next month. That can be a fairly violent activity and you will only be a few weeks out.... I think it's risky and you could really be in some danger of damaging that healing tissue. I'd say skip it for now! Best guess for your lack of pain - I have some scar tissue from back surgeries and it doesn't seem to feel or transmit pain the same way that other tissue does, so even though there's a narrowing and that causes difficulty for you, the pain is not as bad as it would be for normal tissue.
Congratulations on your recent marriage must have been beautiful in the Dominican :)

As mccindy said It would be best for you not to go white water rafting straight after surgery. Sometimes it's best just to take a bit of time to rest and recover but I understand this can be difficult. I don't like this disease to stop me and I am stubborn but sometimes you have to give in.
I have been on remicade and is still to date the best medication I have ever been on it made me feel like I never had this disease. I did eventually have an allergic reaction but I don't regret the choice I made going onto that medication.
Hey Thanks,

Well that is good news about the Remicade, as for the rafting trip... yeah I agree, probablly a bit much right out of the gates. Does anyone know the total healing time a person needs to completely heal without a fear of causing damage. If not I'm sure I will find out soon enough.
I know typically you need 6 weeks just to resume normal activity. I'd think a vigorous activity would probably require more time - maybe two months? I'd talk to the doctor to be absolutely sure before making the trip, though.