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Surgery Opinions.....(first time poster)



Hi Everyone!

I was diagnosed with Chrons about a year and a half ago, I was orginally misdiagnosed with Celiac. I have been getting better then it goes downhill...now i've been downhill for atleast 7-8 months. I'm thinking about doing the surgery or doing the shots. They've been changing my meds, and i have a huge issue with pills, and theyve now been getting stuck in my throat and ive been gaging, and not its just really hard to take my pill, with the fact that none of them are working. I'm an actor and it really gets in my way sometimes, and i dont know what to do. I need some advice from people, if you have the surgery how long was your recovery time, was it worth it? my doctor is just very unsupportive ... and im left very upset...i dont know what to do..

helpless and crying,

My Butt Hurts

Awww, you sound so sad. Maybe you need to change doctors if you feel unsupported by him/her. I personally would try more medications before I had surgery. I'm on Humira now, it's not bad to take the shots. It worked VERY well for the first 4 months, and now is just working okay - but everyone is different. Also, it depends on what kind of surgery you need, how well it will work.. The resections, as far as I have heard, can start inflammation again at the point of resection.
I don't know if this will help, but I take huge pentasa pills. I get a mouthful of water, slip the pill in, tip my head back so it goes in the back of my throat, then swallow. It can't help but go down. Maybe you just need a different method.
Anyways, welcome - and feel supported here! There is a wealth of info for you here, feel free to ask away.
I have had surgery three times already and I am working on my forth. My first surgery was when I was sixteen second twenty-one and the third twenty-three. I have a very high tolerance for pain and because I was an athlete I bounced back very quickly despite my scar being from the top of my abdomen to the bottom. I have to admit I would not change having those surgery again in a heart beat even though the Crohns came back so quickly I felt wonderful. The only reason I am not having surgery now and am using the Humira is because I have two small kids and I don't think that they would understand what was going on and I wouldn't be able to pick them up for awhile. Another reason is because the thought of an ostomy really scares me I never even had to have one that could be reversed they just resectioned each time. Also if your doctor is unsupportive find a new one, my doctor knows everything about me I can talk to him about anything. If I have a problem he calls me back personally which is nice. If you are deciding to have surgery make sure that they have had good results see a GI surgeon not just a general surgeon.
I have been on Humira since December and have been doing really well until most recently but I think it is because I am really worried about my son's health (he's having a lymph node removed on Friday) and I think the stress is beating the humira right now. Hopefully once we have his results everything will calm back down. I can say that since I started the Humira my energy levels have increased and I can play outside longer then I was able to before. I also want to mention I'm not sure if you get any kind of reaction from it but I have to take zyrtec for about three days after I take my injection because I get a very itchy red spot at the injection site. Does this happen to you???