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Surgery over.....

Hi guy's.So after an awfull long time in waiting,I finally had my surgery,Illieostomy and Procloctomy.(ithink) or in my terms,Colon removed,rectumand anus removed,tail end stitched up....

All went as planed but as i chose to take the Epidural pain relief route i experienced more pain than i had after surgery when i wasput onto oral pain relief.so after a week i was finally let home to my family for which im eternally greatful to and for....

Now my mind is set of full speedy recovery,as much for my own well being as for my family.as my 5 year olddaughter is walking around on egg shells right now,which isnt really fair on her,she loves to be a child and due to me being in some discomfort she is trying her best to be very carefull...

Im 40 in the middle of September so im fighting to be up and about so i can celebrate with my friends and family.All in all im now starting my lond journey to being me again.....AND GETTING MY BIKE OUT AGAIN :ycool:


hope you have a speedy recovery, just try to make the best of spending some down time at home with your daughter and make the days restful for both of you now is the time to get into cartoons ! it's amazing how the first few weeks post surgery can see rapid rates of recovery. After a long wait at least you know this will set you on a much better path to enjoying quality of life.
What a great birthday gift that you've given yourself, Craig. A chance at a healthier and happier future. Continued good wishes to you and your family.


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Cartoons and arts & crafts! I bet your 5 year old would LOVE to share those experiences with you! :)

Wishing you all the best in your recovery. Here's to fast healing and future biking! :dog: :beerchug: :wine:
Craig, children are more understanding than we give them credit for. I've had to spend lots of time through last winter, in and out of hospital, and both my children (my youngest will be 5 in a few weeks, my oldest will be 8 in a few months) spent days without seeing me and when they did, they had to be gentle with me. But they helped me through recovery as I'm sure your daughter will help you through yours. Children are amazing. Don't worry about her, take care of you first and get better. She'll appreciate that when your you again. Hugs!

Take care
Sylvie :)