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Surgery scheduled...nervous!

After nearly a year in all-out flare mode, with many medications tried and no relief, we have finally made the decision to go ahead and get a resection done. I had surgery done in 2002 when I was only 12 years old to remove about 6 inches of my terminal ileum. My crohn's has reoccurred in the same area now 8 years later, and I will be having 7+ inches removed on May 20th! I am really nervous, because I was so young when I had my first surgery, and I went into a complete, symptom-free remission for about 8 years after it. Also, with that being pediatric surgery, I only have a very small 2 inch scar from it, below the bikini line. For this upcoming surgery, my surgeon that I met with today told me it will be higher up, around my bellybutton, and probably larger :(

Anyways, despite my nervousness, I am actually really excited to get it done and be able to feel better! I just need to get through this semester of very difficult classes, then into the hospital I go! I am hoping for another (at least) 8 years of remission!

So wish me luck! and please do share some surgery success stories to boost my confidence!! :)


I'm glad you're looking forward to the surgery, and I wish you luck and another at least 8 years of remission :)

Although I didn't have resection surgery, my colostomy turned out very well and I'm feeling fantastic! I have a huge scar from about an inch above my bellybutton to just above my pubis. But, the way I feel now, it's worth it. Sometimes the tradeoff is worth it! Even pooping in a bag is pretty good.....never thought I'd hear myself saying that!

Good luck to you! I hope it all goes well and that you get the results that you want :)
Sorry to hear nothing worked for you :( I haven't had any surgery's yet so I can't be any help in that area. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck and hopefully longer than 8 yrs of remission this time around :)


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I have had an awesome surgery success story! I had it done in 8/2008. My pain is gone! I am so thankful that I am feeling better. You are fortunate that your surgery is scheduled and not emergent.....You will have a much better outcome because you are going in ready and prepared. As your date gets closer and if you have any specific questions just ask or PM me....Good luck.
Thanks guys! I have only met my surgeon once but so far he seems really great. Very down to earth and willing to listen to all of my concerns. And yes, I definitely hope to keep my symptoms at bay for the next 3 months so that I am stable going into surgery so that I don't have to end up in an emergency surgery situation. My surgeon, as well as my doctor, said that at this point, it's not a matter of IF i need surgery, it's a matter of when. And although I hate that I have to agree, I know it's true, and I know it's best to get it done over my summer break rather than to try to wait until I'm in a really terrible situation which could potentially lead to needing emergency surgery...and having to take time off school next year! Thanks for everyones replies and support :)
Best of luck to you, it will work out well I'm sure.
Being curious, how long recoverytime is needed after surgery ?


uli said:
Best of luck to you, it will work out well I'm sure.
Being curious, how long recoverytime is needed after surgery ?
I was in the hospital for 24 days but could have been out after about 2 weeks if I hadn't developed a blood clot in each lung during surgery. The actual recovery time all told for me was about 6 weeks. But I didn't really have any pain or other complicatons (thank God for that!).
I'll say a prayer for your surgery. I just had mine a week ago yesterday and I am doing great! I posted the details on here somewhere... I have been able to eat veggies for the 1st time in 6 months. I have been off pain meds for several days already (except sometimes at night) and got out and drove today.
It's still very early but I'm thinking the surgery was well worth it!
I'm glad I had mine. It took a while to get over and I felt like I was stepping backward a few times but six months later I feel 100%. I'm sure if will go just as well for you. They were able to stay below the belly button with me and I am a skinny runt! If I wear swim-trunks with an elastic waist you would never even see it!

I am sure wearing a bikini would be different but I don't know for sure. We'd have to ask Pirate. I've never tried on a Banana hammock to see :banana: :ytongue:


kenny said:
I am sure wearing a bikini would be different but I don't know for sure. We'd have to ask Pirate. I've never tried on a Banana hammock to see :banana: :ytongue:
LMAO @ banana hammock!


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My last operation was a breeze... they took out 1 and 1/2 feet of bowel, yet I was up walking around within 6 hrs (mind you, with a pair of nurses for support, and a morphine pump for pain). I was out of hospital in less than a week. If I had to have it again, I wouldn't fear it... because the (pardon the pun) 'operative' words in that statement are "HAD TO HAVE IT"
kenny said:
I am sure wearing a bikini would be different but I don't know for sure. We'd have to ask Pirate. I've never tried on a Banana hammock to see :banana: :ytongue:
Ahahaha....Kenny you have a way with words that always makes me laugh. Not to mention the appropriately placed dancing banana icon.

No surgery for me yet, but hope if I ever have to that I'm as positive about going into it as you seem to be :) Hope everything goes well!
Thanks everyone!! Yeah my surgeon told me at least 3-4 days in the hospital afterwords (at least until I pass some good gas and at least one good BM) and he told me that I'll definitely be sore for a few good weeks, but within 8 weeks I'll be fully recovered back to normal if all goes well!! :D So looking forward to normal-ness again!

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I hope the next 3 months goes smoothly for you. It's great that you can have it at a time not to disrupt your classes. I hope you feel as good as you did after your last surgery for at least twice as long.
thanks everybody :) this had made me feel a bit better about surgery!

has anybody had a successful resection done laproscopically? my surgeon said that is what he will try first, but quite often with crohn's patients it's difficult because everythings all "sticky and inflamed" so he usually ends up having to do it by hand assist. i'm just hoping for the smallest possible scar =/

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Yes! My first one was done 18 years ago and I had 7 great years, and my recovery was very quick, I was younger then and bounced back fast. Just relax and take it slow after. Some people have epidurals when they first wake up, I didnt but some say it is great to be frozen instead of drugs. Hugs!
Erazer said:
This is an aside.....but when I went in for my scheduled cesaerian preggers with my son....I asked the doc to cut into the current scar......because I did not want to look like a devil worshipper with an anti-christ symbol when nude.....EW :lol:
haha!:ylol2: that's funny!
Hello! I am actually in the hospital right now recovering from a lathroscopic ileocolectomy. So far, so good. The doctor told me 3-6 days in, and I'm on day 5 and expected to go home tomorrow.

He was worried that it might have to go towards hand-assist because my crohn's was pretty flared- but it ended up all lathroscopic.

Don't be nervous about the surgery- its a breeze. They will take care of you all the way through. Don't be afraid to ask for anything, thats what the staff is there for. Just make sure to walk around a bunch in recovery, that helps everything move along!

I wish the best for you! Let me know if you have any questions!
I just had an ileocecectomy on Feb. 4, removing about 6 inches owing to a stricture, and overall I feel wonderful. It was all laparoscopic. I have a tiny 2-inch scar right over my belly button, which already is hard to see, even only 4 weeks out. My bikini days are *not* over!

It was not so bad. It did hurt a LOT to sit up, walk, laugh, cough, yawn for the first 3 or 4 days. Then it became tolerable. By a week or so after I had no pain at all.

I was in the hospital 6 days because it took my bowels a looooong time to wake up. When I left the hospital, I still had not had a BM or eaten any food (just 2 clear liquid meals). But I had good sounds and gas, so they sent me home, and after 1 or 2 meals at home I was able to have a BM.

I hope all goes well and you feel much better after your surgery!
thanks guys :)
i think it will probably end up taking me more time than the surgeon said i would be in the hospital, because stella, like you said, it also takes my bowels a longer time to move than most.
when I go for an upper GI/small bowel series, I usually end up being there for 4 hours, and that is with constant walking around to try to get the barium to move through. But hopefully THAT is because of my stricture, and since it will be gone after surgery, my bowels will move much better? :)
I have to wait until May because I am in college right now. I'm halfway through spring semester of sophomore year, taking some of the most difficult undergrad courses available, as a Biomedical sciences major. And I'm maintaining a ~3.6gpa, and I refuse to have to drop the semester on medical leave. I've considered it a lot, seeing as how terrible I feel, but disability services is working with me a lot, and I feel that it is very important for me to get through this semester. It would just be too difficult to go on medical leave, and then try to get back into the swing of things in August.

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I fully understand M... my daughter is in University and studying to be in the medical field , a lot of work and perserverence.... I couldn't blame you not to wait til May. I hope you can keep stable and get the surgery you need. It should work out perfect for you. Hang in a little longer, be strong ok. Sending healing hugs to ya!
Thank you :)
If I were in a different major it would probably be different. I could potentially have gotten this done over my spring break which is next week. I would take off the week before break, get it done early that week, then have about 2 weeks of recovery. But it would just be too difficult with my classes, because I have 2 very long labs per week, on top of all my other classes, so it would be really hard. Plus, if there were any complications, I would have to drop the semester. Which I'm not willing to do, unless there's a real emergency situation. So I'm just trying to take it as easy as possible until May, and then have allllll summer to recover!
OOOHHHHH...I just wanted to make sure it was YOUR choice to wait. I am so happy to hear that you are doing well and not letting this disease interefer to much of your life. :) It gives me great hope. I worry if my kids would get this and they would have to suffer at a young age. So, it makes me happy to see you moving in a good direction. Although, I feel for you and your current med struggles. Rock on in school girl...nothing more powerful than an education...Peace, Sue
Good luck mharvey! Maybe we will be doing surgery at the same time! We can be surgery buddies! Still don't know if I will be getting surgery or not, but it looks like it.

Good luck to everyone else who just went through surgery too!
Thank you! Hope you can get well without the surgery. but if ya do need it, having a surgery buddy would be awesome :)
Hope all goes well for you Mharvey. This is something I can see I may need in the future so will be interested in hearing how it all goes.

I have the longest, ugliest scar you can imagine from 2 emgergency surgeries and they didnt even remove any bowel. I still go swimming, be proud of those scars.
Hey mharvery, I went for surgery a week last wednesday, it was open surgery because they didn't know what they would be dealing with until they got in there. So I didn't know if I'd be waking up with a bag or if they'd have to take parts of my large colon out or whatever, luckily just had my terminal ileum removed and appendix and apart from a couple of crappy days, i.e waking up the morning after my catheter wasn't working properly... annoying and the day when they took my epidural out, I was home on the 5th day no infections healing nicely. They did such a good job with the scar very thin and neat and even though it was open surgery they didn't use clips to put it back together.
Now I'm home, I've passed the 10th day (they say you're at most risk of leakages between day 4 and 10 apparently) moving about more each day and eating like a mammoth with no sickness, on a bit of pain killers but they do their job nicely :)
So I don't want to jinx anything but atm it's pretty much a success story, simple and straightforward, I was unbelievably nervous and scared the night before so hope this helps :)
Good Luck xx

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Congrats Claire, keep looking after yourself, and try not to over indulge with the food intake, takes a while for the bowels to go back to normal. What drugs are you on now, if any?


Congrats on a successful surgery Claire! It's always nice to hear success stories rather than horror stories :)
awesome claire :) glad everything went well for you!
your story makes me feel a lot better about my upcoming surgery as well
Erm i'm on pentasa 3g pr day and tapering off the pred so i'm just on 5mg, then theres just tramadol or paracetamol if my stomach starts twinging.
Yeah JL I kinda took it easy with what I ate after reading your comment, my mum doesn't really understand the disease as supportive as she is, she just sees me eating as is ecstatic with that, so it's good to get some advice from 'grown ups' that understand what they're talking about lol