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Surgery - sooner or later?

In 1999 I was shown to have a very narrow stricture in my terminal ileum and surgery was an option. (Looking at the forum this is very common). I put off surgery for 10 years by taking Azathioprine but ended up in 2009 with fistulas and redundant loops. My innards looked like an angry octopus. I also had to have a temporary stoma.

I've wondered ever since whether it would have been better to have had the surgery back in 1999, when it could have simply been the removal of the stricture, rather than leaving it and ending up with a far more complex operation with its inherent risks. Any thoughts?
mines would have been to get the stricture removed, but im only saying that in hindsight, as i had to have energency surgery after i woke from a scop that had perforated the area at the small/large bowel join, didnt know anything that was going on until i woke in the ward , but it was the best thing to have happened, the pains etc were all gone, cept for the wound area, i can remember when it had all calmed down being in bed at home and smiling because of no pain lol