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Well found out surgery date Feb. 7th posted a thread already but can't find it. Anyhow its not like i haven't had surgery before ha ha . Don't know why panic just set in. thanks to everyone for all the threads i've been reading it is so helpful. thanks thanks thanks
Doc. said he will try to remove rectum and just above the stricture and hopefully be able to reconstuct it not sure what you call it . If I'm to fused together like my bladder was they had to leave that in when I got my urostomy bag. anyhow when he goes in and it can't be done than I'm going to have to get a perm. bag. which I'm hopeing not because than I'll have two perm.bags and they just cost so much. going to walk around with one of my bags tommorrow on the other side just to see the best place with my jeans and see how i might deal with it sound funny but i'm haveing a little anx. about it today I think because now theres a date. going Monday for blood work and placement of were it will go. thanks for asking.
Well, best of luck that the doc can reconstruct. You mentioned the cost of bags - your insurance does not cover ostomy supplies?
sorry just got out of hosp. with an other blockage. home now at least til the 7th that is. and yes ins. pays but our deduc. is 5.000 so after this surgery and for the this year we should be ok . thats how it was last time but than every year after that we are back to square one comes out of our pocket its way to high of a deductable. thanks for responding hope your doing ok.
I am sorry to hear of the upcoming surgery. I hope that you dont have to have another bag placed. I wish you all the luck. I also wanted to know if insurance does not pay for you supplies. SSI is a great rout to go with health care if not.
Wow - that's a really high deductable. We just changed insurance and I have a $500 deductable and $1000 for family...I'm sure I will reach the first one just this month. Our co-pays are higher now too...but its still better than some. We just can't ever be without any insurance...not with our problems...I wish you well...seriously...my heart is so heavy reading the post...I am so worried about a bag...never contemplated 2 of them...I just can't even imagine...but its better to be alive! Please post again and let us know how you are doing as soon as you are up to it/
thanks for your reply I have my wonderful marker spot now and it has to be higher than my other one because of folds in the skin were my two other scares are at. not happy oh well just haveing a pitty party when i know i shouldn't . Don't get me wrong I'm very greatful to be alive. its just hard right now. was thinking about putting on one of my other bags were the mark is and seeing how i might deal with it . hubby said go ahead but a friend said not to. I know it sounds silly I'm just feeling so unlady like I hate it. plus i don't know how big it will be . my other stoma isn't to big I think. Idon't know if they need to be longer or bigger for stool verses urine. Oh my I hate being alone durning the day lately my mind just wonders . I know i will get over it i have no chose. thanks for careing and listening.


I have faith that you'll be fine and get over your feeling of being unladylike! When you start to feel sooo much better, you'll adapt to the bag and actually start to live life. I felt the same when I first got mine, but when my quality of life was 200x better, I did things to make myself feel better (ie. I went and got my hair done, bought some really cute lingerie, and ate food that I hadn't been able to eat for 4 years). I know it's tough, but you'll get through it..

Keep us posted :)


Pain the Butt.....where are you???? Are you OK??? I know it's been a short time since your surgery, but we are worried.....can you tell us how you are?
Terriernut thanks so much for your post was poking around to look for two of my questions and can't find them and saw your post thanks it means a lot to me. Well surgery took a little longer than they thought about 7 hr. ended up being perm. bag plus then nicked both my urietra tubes because of way to much scar tussie for radaition . Just got my sents pulled out of my urostomy last week. Feels so great not to be in pain every day. Now just dealing with ostomy issues , having both and neither one sealing right , anger issues , and clothes. Don't mean to complain quess it will take awhile. Hope your doing ok . And I am happy to be alive.


PITB2! It will certainly take some time to get used to! And it will certainly take some time to heal up from the surgery, and all the knocking about your body received. Mine was Dec 22 (late at night) and I am just now beginning to feel 'normal'.

Nice to know you are 'still among us'!!