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Im going under tomorrow.

Any suggestions for a speedier recovery? I have gone grocery shopping and froze some food for quick easy meals when Im hungry.
I also did all my laundry, changed the sheets on my bed, borrowed a few movies...
think Im all set !
Again, good luck Keona, fingers crossed for u!

as for a speedier recovery, i wont say it'll be an easy few days after the op coz it wont. I had a morphine drip controlled by a button for the worst of the pain but the sooner u can get off that and onto normal painkillers the better u will feel. Morphine is horrible and u lose time in the induced haze - it does deal with the pain tho.

Also the sooner u can get out of bed and start moving around the sooner u will be able to go home - its hard work at first but the docs and physios should encourage this, so once u can get up, do it as much as posssible and get ur strength back - although ur only in bed for a few days its amazing how much strength u lose.

All the best Keona, and enjoy the relief afterwards!

HA..thanks Ian.. I wasn't looking for additional comments from people who already wished me luck... someone asked me to start a thread so they could follow progress - so I decided to focus on recovery :D

Thanks for the tips.. I have heard quite often to get up and moving ASAP. I will definitely make sure I do this.
HA..thanks Ian.. I wasn't looking for additional comments from people who already wished me luck...
:) That thought hadn't crossed my mind tbh, just wanted to share my experience (2 surgeries) and offer a little encouragement and support in ur scary time. Although its not a nice experience, i look back now and its just a blip on the radar really - hope its the same for u and ur fighting fit and back in the ring soon! After surgery i think u'll agree... its nice to be upright!

ya..it is a little scary ... my emotions are messed up...not sure if it's the dilaudid or fear.... or both
Good luck Wendy/fellow hamiltonian - I haven't been on the board a lot lately. What are you having done? I am still waiting for a date for mine (hopefully soon). Any tips - please share!
I am not help in this area, unfortunately. I haven't had to go through any surgery yet! But I will be following along and cheering you on from this end of the computer screen! :)
Hey Keona,

Good luck tomorrow, best tip is to get up asap after surgery obviously with help. But to get up and walk will see you right.

I have had five op's and each time it gets harder to do, but it works and gets your lungs clear too.

Big hug



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Sorry I missed this thread Wendy!!!

I wish you all the luck in the world hun. I have been thinking about you 'cause it's already Tuesday here, :lol:.


Everything is crossed for uneventful surgery and a very speedy recovery.

Lotsa love, :wub:
Dusty. xxxxxxxx
Thanks Dusty :D
It will all work out :) Just nervous not knowing exactly what they are doing.
I am still thinking of Matt. Sending positive vibes... I will, even when Im under anesthetic :D

Thanks everyone.
I will keep you posted.
They cancelled it just as they were putting in the IV. I was already on a gurney and in a gown and they came in and told me it was cancelled... the person before me had a surgical emergency and they would be in there for awhile longer. They offered me a free parking pass and a gingerale... I say I should get a free tummy tuck or something...
they mentioned Monday but I have to call the surgeon as she couldnt check her schedule in the OR.
Are you serious?? Holy cow...

Talk about pulling at your emotional strings. That's awful. Wish they would have been able to tell you sooner rather than what seemed like moments before getting wheeled in.

:( I really hope Monday works out for you. That's tough that you have to go through all the mental preparation again!
They were about to give me gravol because I was so anxious and was about to throw up. It was moments before. My surgery was for 11:30 and they told me at 11:00. I just had to speak to the surgeon and anastesia and be sedated...

this means I will be doing bowel prep for my birthday the day before.... sucks.....

..just got off the phone... Im booked for Monday at 11:30
they were removing cysts and adhesions and chocolate ulcers. They suspect my organs are adhered to the pelvic wall. OBGYN's can apparently do resections but she wants my GI to do it. They suspect I also have endometriosis in my intestines, bladder and reproductive organs. She was also going to do biopsies and get an idea as to what is gynaecological and what is GI related. This screws up my appointment 2 weeks from now for a CT scan (the one with the NG tube.. cant remember the name of it).. they wont do it unless I have had 2 weeks recovery from surgery. This bumps everything up to a later date...


&^$&( !!! Talk about stressing you MORE! So sorry this has happened! :mad2:

Cyber hugs headed your way!



Not a joke, prepping twice is it??? (I didnt prep, I was just starved in hosp for 4 days waiting for them to squeeze me in)

They really need more empathy towards people. I wonder how they'd feel if it happened to them!!!

I complained about having had to do the prep for nothing and the surgeons office is looking in to whether or not I have to do it again.
Just tired of this dragging on... Im not the only one being inconvenienced ..i had to have someone take my dog, someone went with me... someone dropped us off.. on and on... I have never jumped out of a hospital bed and changed so fast - had to of broken a record... lol


Aw Wendy that just sucks!
So sorry, all geared up and revving, then pulling the plug?
Try and rest now til Monday
Big hug your way


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I am so sorry this happened! Try to hang in there for one more week! Thinking of you!

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Keona, I would of demanded to be done!!! My second resection was put off but only for an hour. There was an emergency but they wheeled me in right after. I dunno, maybe it was a good thing you are waiting. Hope Monday is for sure!!


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OH NO Wendy!!!

Surely, surely, surely Monday will be a goer. Man oh man that sucks mate, I hope you can get some sort of R&R over the next few days!

Thinking of you mate......:hug:
Dusty. xxxxxxxx

PS. Sarah was one of those people that got the surgery list cancelled for everyone else! Yikes! I remember thinking how I would have hated to have been one of them, all prepped up and no where to go......:voodoo:


To save time...Ask Dusty!
Sorry Wendy!! I know we talked about it but the more I read this thread the more it pisses me off!! Why couldn't they just move their entire schedule off because of the emergency? I wonder if you are the only other patient affected by this? I guess, knowing what you've been through for the past year, I'm just a little more inclined to believe It's your turn now!!!!

I hope your patient advocates are reaming someone a new one over this!! Is your CT scan ,that can't happen as scheduled, in the same hospital? If so will they accommodate the new schedule?
ya, I am sort of at a loss.
Im not sure why they did it the way they did. I guess it seemed easiest for them to remove me who was next than to move everyone else. They told me that there are only 3 people scheduled for Monday. I got the impression that I was the only one who would be affected by this. My OBGYN doesn't really know what I have been through the past years. Ya, I am thinking the same that it is my turn now... my advocates tell me I don't need to be so polite but demanding doesn't get me anywhere either and to be honest - I am barely making it through the day so just showing up to my appointments is an effort let alone advocating for myself.
My advocates have offered to go with me to all of my appointments. I have one on thursday about the dilaudid (its not working) and I have one next week with the intern and a dietician together. Not sure why since they havent diagnosed me with anything so if they tell me to eat more fiber.. I will lose it. The intern told me to buy metamucil and sprinkle it on my food - when I got home I opened it up to smell it ..THEN I read the bottle and you're not supposed to eat it dry. Im not sure what good going to a dietician is if they dont know what the problem is. GI is saying Crohn's and the GP is saying endometriosis.... It is possible that I only have endo..but I honestly believe I have Crohns. My brother has severe Crohns and is waiting for a liver transplant. When I told the GP this - she said Crohns doesnt effect the liver.... so.... my head spins....
I got up really quick out of the bed and changed back into my clothes really fast today because if I didnt... I would have started crying and I didnt want to...
I think I have a very high pain tolerance or am exceptionally good at hiding it or masking it until I am alone... it hurts to take a deep breathe sometimes... dont know why but have had chest x-rays and they are okay.. not sure if it is GERD related or not...
I dont know what to do anymore... I went to ER and they just do a roll up bedside ultrasound...ad then tell me I need a CT. Yep - my CT (in the same hospital) will have to be moved because my GI said they wont do it until I have rested for 2 weeks after surgery.... I don't think he knows this was cancelled...I will call them tomorrow and find out...just couldn't do it today.
Im frustrated... no doubt about it.. but I don't know what else to do... Im feeling somewhat invisible...


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Oh Wendy, my heart goes out to you hun......:hug:

Are you going to your next appointments with an advocate? I think it is a good idea if you do, it is just too hard to do this on your own, it's too hard for anyone mate.

In my own opinion the intern will know shit, you will know more than he/she does. I'd say hear the dietician out and take away from it what you wish. If you know and trust your GI then I would listen to them over the GP, the same as I would listen to them over a surgeon when it comes to ongoing treatment for Crohns.

I think when you live with pain and discomfort for so long it becomes the new norm and yes in my own experience you build up a tolerance to it that for many people would be unbearable. I always said that about Sarah and her problems with getting a diagnosis. I don't think it was just that her tests kept coming back normal, mind you that didn't help!, but it was she presented well (read that as......"oh, my pain isn't too bad"). This was in no way her fault and it breaks my heart to think of the tolerance she built up. :(

Why do they not do a CT when you present at ER?

Godammit Wendy I so hope you get help and answers soon!

We are here for you mate and you will never be invisible to us!

Always thinking of you my friend......:Karl:
Dusty. xxxxxxxx
Hi Dusty
I called this evening and left a message with the advocate. I think she will do her best to go with me as she has commented on going with me to see my GP in the past.
I will go to the dietician as I havent seen one before but if they tell me I just need to take metamucil, etc.. then I will flip.. Im tired of hearing people dismiss me by saying what I need without hearing how it effects me. If they knew what I was eating now.. they would probably think differently. I eat far too much sugar. I crave it a lot and I find it keeps the weight on. I flip flop between dioreah (u would think I would have learned how to spell this by now) and constipation. She might be helpful... I am willing to hear her out but I dont get how they can advise me when they all have a diferent theory about what is wrong. From what I have read here for over a year now...the Crohns diagnosis fits... and so does the endometriosis... but Im not a doctor. It scares me yet at the same time reassures me that Sarah's tests came back normal. My GI seems to be hinging a lot on the fact that my blood work is normal... He mentioned prednisone last time and mentioned that it would cause short bowel syndrome... another issue...
He wants me to have the lap done so that she can take biopsies to make sure. So, I am sort of appreciative that he is making sure but at the same time... Im in pain here.. something needs to be done. I m taking dialudid so it is a little easier to present well but I can feel that something is wrong inside and the scary part is it is getting worse and worse. My periods are definitley over the top when it comes to pain...
A new symptom (and I dont know what it is) is that there is the grumbling like when my stomach does it but it is a lot lower.sort of in between my small bowel and butt...it doesn't hurt but is very loud.
When I went to the ER, they did the roll up bedside ultrasound which came back normal. They also did chest x-rays and abdominal x-rays. All came back normal. The attending doc told me I needed to go to my GP and ask for a large ultrasound. I asked her if they could do one there and she said no, that there was no one there on a week-end to do it and I needed the larger one as it is more nuanced (she pointed to the ceiling). I asked the intern when I made the follow-up and she put me on dialudid and no CT or ultrasound was scheduled. My GI said he wanted me to have the last MRI and would arrange for the CT with NG tube to be scheduled 2 weeks after the surgery. I havent received a date yet but they told me they couldnt get me in before the lap. and they wouldnt do it unless I had 2 weeks recovery so they would arrange for after the surgery...
The hard part is I keep feeling hopeful that I will get answers with each appointment and I keep leaving time and time again with a different date and all these dates have added up to 3 years so far...I literally feel lob sided - my right side feels so full and I have a hard time standing straight up at times or initially.
I dont know... I feel like a colossal complainer and Im not getting anywhere...I have done everything they told me... I went to physio for 8 weeks when they thought I had arthritis... they told me I needed a new bed.... I took arthritis medication, Ive done the MRI's... Im not getting any better - I am getting worse. Maybe this is part of what makes Crohns so insidious (if it is in fact Crohns). I feel my GI thinks I have Crohns but wants more proof before putting me on prednisone. I had a lot of hope attached to the lap. - it is hard to maintain it when every appointment is a disappointment...
I know people on here understand me and what Im experiencing. My friends outside of here offer for me to go to a "food and drink fest" this week-end to help cheer me up...they dont understand and I dont know how to explain it... I havent seen them in a very very long time and I keep blowing them off thinking I will get help and wont need to explain it and I can pick up where we left off...
i dont know anymore. You guys "get it" and I dont feel invisible here which is part of what makes me think I do have it (along with the symptoms, test results, etc.).
Anyhow.. Im exhausted. Thanks Dusty :) I really value your input...
thanks :)



You deserve alot better than this. I do wonder if you have endometriosis and crohns. Its certainly possible.

But pardon my stupidity, why do they want to do a CT scan AFTER surgery? Wouldnt they want to do that BEFORE surgery? Can you have your advocate ask the GI and GYN that one? Wouldnt they want more info first? Or am I being too practical here??

I just hope they can get you some relief, and very soon!!!

At my last GI appointment they said that they couldnt get me in for a CT before my surgery.
... I have thought the same thing - nothing about this seems too practical

the only way to be diagnosed with endometriosis is to do surgery - a laparoscopy. The day I saw the OBGYN she said that she was 99 per cent sure I had endometriosis (so am I, and I have been telling my GP that for over 20 years now). She was already prepared to put me on the injections of Lupron and add back (leeches your calcium). I was told by my GP it was time for another lap. I choose the lap. over the lupron for 3 reasons. 1) I read they arent supposed to prescribe it unless they are 100 per cent sure (what if this is all Crohn's? and she is giving me Lupron for it??) and 2.) Enough is enough.. they need to look to see what is going on inside if their, "images are blurry" that it just prolongs everything... and 3.) if it is endo, there could be significant adhesions "glueing" my organs to each other and to the pelvic wall.. so she will be able to remove the adhesions and release the organs - which will result in a lot of relief. So, she had planned the lap with the intention of doing treatment during the laparoscopy. She thinks I have it in my intestines, et al.

My GI thinks I might also have endometriosis but also thinks I have Crohns as well. The bowel wall doesnt thicken with endometriosis... it can invade through the wall though...and cause strictures... which I have but I also have the thickening.

I hope I get some relief soon as well... this is crazy.
thanks Misty :)
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Oh, Wendy! You have been thru it haven't you???

I'm so sorry to read about the extent of what you are going thru. Sending big hugs to you.

I don't know what an advocate is, but I hope it's some big burly type along the lines of Joan's burly nurse to rough them up a bit!!

Good luck - hang in there! - Ames
an advocate is someone who goes to the appointments with you (there are all sorts of advocates; legal advocates, medical advocates, etc.)
they make sure your voice is heard and they will be there to remember what is said if you get overwhelmed and check out of the appointment early mentally. Know how when you go to the doctor and they tell you news and it is very technical and overwhelming and after you cant remember everything they said.. or you wonder if what they said is correct? They are also like proof for me though... sad to say... I feel like I am not believed so when I take my info to another doc I have someone there to say, "yes, they did say that...I was there". or "one of my colleagues was there with her". Sad that advocates are needed ..in my opinion..
HAHA .. no, they're not big and burly

it is my experience that when I have an advocate with me - I am believed and heard. I was in pain for a long time and kept telling them. They didnt prescribe anything for pain until I took an advocate and then they were really nice to me and listened.
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The appointment I had today with my GP (the intern, actually) was cancelled..... again.

I seriously don't know what to do anymore. I am going to get a new doctor but I live in Canada and they are hard to come by. Today was the appointment to renew my pain medication.


Bloody Hell Wendy!
What's going on at all?
Think I'd be having a dicky fit by now, hope you're ok
LOL..a dickyfit... somehow..that sounds appropriate.. I dont know what that means but I think it fits.

I called the advocate. I am going to get a new GP - this is CRAZY...and then they tell me I need to reduce my stress??
That REALLY sucks, Wendy. I guess I don't seem to understand the way it works in Canada. I would think if you're going to cancel an appointment on a patient, the least you could do is schedule them with another doctor if you can't wait. Especially when you need more pain medication!!

I'm so frustrated for you. I hope doctor #3 does the trick!
Thanks Marisa.
I dont think I understand how it works here either. I go to a teaching clinic where there are several teams of doctors. I was told I need to see someone on my team (so my doctor..and then several interns under her). There are maybe 5-6 teams there. My second last appointment was cancelled and I called and freaked out until they gave me another appointment. I got a lecture on how I am supposed to see someone on my team.... Im not quite sure exactly how I am supposed to do that when I cant get in.

The advocates have their own doctor for things like this but it has to be a last resort. She also has a full caseload so last I heard she couldn't take anyone, at least ongoing. I was told if I needed dilaudid or any narcotic painkiller for that matter, I needed to get the script from the same doctor other wsie it is seen as "double doctoring" and that is a federal offence. They don't really explain how to do that if you cant get an appointment.... ??? They wont call in narcotic pain killers to your pharmacy either (even if it is in the same building as your doctor).

She didn't prescribe enough to begin with (think I was short about 7 or so. I was told to take them every 4 hours to build up a "baseline" - it isnt a strong dose. (a strong drug but not a strong dose). Anyhow, I made sure I put 6 away just for this reason... for emergencies... I am glad I did... there was a few times where I needed to take up to 4 to get relief. I am supposed to take 1/2 every 4 hours.
My advocate made an appointment with me today to see them to figure something out. It sounded hopeful that they will get me into their doctor anyway and they asked me if I were willing to lodge a grievance with the college of physicians... depending on how stressful that may be.. I am considering.
From one Wendy to another- I have/had endo and Crohn's. My endo invaded my intestines. This last resection was partly due to endo and my hysterectomy was in 1991. Life is not easy with either one. I am so sorry you are going thru so much. My head would be hurting from the constant banging I would be doing.

Thanks Wendy :D
I have to say that I am very grateful for my advocates and for the people on here. It really scares me to wonder what other people do when they don't know about the advocates or about this forum. I have worked in the medical field so I know how to navigate the system... knowing how, doesn't mean it will actually get you there though. I have to think like this so it will give me something positive to think about otherwise I would just cry...
Anyone know who actually started this site anyway?? I know there are a lot of people who maintain it and keep it going and the members are a big part of it as well.. but I would just really like to personally thank whoever started this in the very beginning... they deserve an award in my opinion... I think I might have given up long ago...



Wendy, I too thank goodness for this site. Everyone here can keep you going when all else fails. And all else has failed me many a time!

I really cant believe what you are going thru right now. I just wish I could be there to help. Nothing would please me more than to hear you are getting good treatment from the Canadian medical practitioners. Over here in the UK, I know they can take their time, but wow are they great when you need them...for the most part. I just hope you can get the help and support you need from an advocate and from the GI's...all my digits are crossed.

They should stop messing you about!!!

thanks you guys. I saw the advocate today and they are wiling to do whatever it is I am wanting help with. I just needed to vent with her today and she just listened and validated... which was very helpful but at the same time.. I cant stand listening to myself. If I need help getting a new doctor or if need help with the ones I have... it was made clear they were going to help so I do feel like I have a good support system on my side. I just wish I felt like the doctors were
I think the big thing is, I dont feel like they are reliable and theyre not... so how am I supposed to trust them?? The most important thing we have is our health... and they are messing with it.... its not making me too confident..
anyhow.. I feel a lot better... I am still holding on to hope and that I will get answers on the 11th..but I wish they would stop prolonging everything.... it is painful in more than one way...
That is horrible!
I had my first operation canceld the day i was there too! in the bed waiting and waiting!
Its one of the worst things in my opinion,
one thing that did help when i finially had my op was salt water on my scar afterwards,
helps the scar heal quicker :)
big hugs! hope your day is soon! xxxx


To save time...Ask Dusty!
Is your gyno on the same team of doctors at the teaching clinic? For piss sake, your gyno knows you need surgery which has been canceled, can't he/she get in touch with the doc who prescribed the dilaudid and persuade them to refill it? Would they at least do that for you?
nope - my gynae is at the hospital - the same place my GI is. My GP and all the interns are at the clinic. I am calling tomorrow morning... everywhere... until someone fills it. I will risk getting in trouble considering my circumstances... I honestly do not care who fills it tomorrow...so long as someone does...


To save time...Ask Dusty!
Will the gyno be willing to help with that? Surely, if they know you are scheduled for surgery and had to wait four extra days, they'd be more likely to refill the script.


To save time...Ask Dusty!
Anyone know who actually started this site anyway?? I know there are a lot of people who maintain it and keep it going and the members are a big part of it as well.. but I would just really like to personally thank whoever started this in the very beginning... they deserve an award in my opinion... I think I might have given up long ago...


Wendy, I once asked the same question.....

Im not sure, guess I will find out tomorrow. I am willing to call her and ask if I cant get in to see the original person who prescribed them.
Thanks for the link to your question - gonna go there now :D
I am so sorry you have been through all this and still no answers!
And WOW, I don't think I have heard of cancelling a surgery when you are about to be sedated before! That's horrible!
I really don't have any constructive advice.. just that if it was me I would be acting like a crazy person bawling my eyes out to every doctor, nurse, office assistant ect. I came across. Seriously, I have done this.
I really hope you can get your pain meds refilled!
I have a doctors appointment this am. In 40 minutes actually. I dont want to go only because they take me to the brink of almost crying everytime. I dont cry in front of people. My advocate doesnt know I am going this am in order to go with me.. I just made the appointment about 15 mins ago... but I am going anyway
It is confusing because they lecture me pretty much on how I have to see the same doctor but yet I cant get in to see them. I am now seeing someone on another team..AGAIN.... I have been through 3 teams...

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Good luck Keona, I know all about seeing different teams, maybe this one will be the one you need for you!! Let us know how you make out ok?

well..it wasnt quite accurate before. Team A has 7 doctors and they have several interns under each and Team B has 8 doctors and several interns under each... Im on Team B.

I did get an appointment with a different intern... not sure what team he was on or what doctor he was under but my doctor was there and he did consult with her. He was very nice - as I find the interns are.. they seem like they are still really wanting to help at that point..
he gave me a repeat of the dilaudid and told me to take it every 4 hours whether or not Im in pain to build up a baseline and to also take tylenol for fever. He said that I know my body best and if I need to take more, not to worry about it and to do that - they will make sure I get in for an appointment if I need more.
He also prescribed new creme for my rash on my hands - apparently when you have it on your hands, you need stronger creme. (I have been using expired steroid creme at this point :D)..but the pharmacy has to order it so I need to wait a few days.
He and the doctor also think I have a partial obstruction and to drink Boost or ensure or something similar. Also, the same instructions about going to ER if I start vomiting and have a high fever, etc, etc....

Over all.... he was very helpful and I felt heard and like he cared... even in his body language he was leaning forward listening and he was very nice... he wished me luck on Monday and wished me the best, etc... told me that the OBGYN may be doing a laparotomy and will likely prescribe me different pain meds on Monday.

Anyhow...thanks everyone for listening to me complain... seems like I am going from one extreme to another - very angry (which isnt like me AT ALL..and frankly finding it very troubling to me) --> being grateful. My emotions are very extreme lately and I am usually very laid back and easy going....

Anyhow... thank-you :)
This is great news, Wendy :)

Now you can rest ease over the weekend in preparation for your Monday surgery which WILL HAPPEN! ;)

Glad you felt heard! Only 3 more days to go :)
Awww, YAY! SO happy you had a good appointment!
I think your mood is completely normal given your circumstances!
Good luck Monday!
Thanks Pen, Marisa, Misty, swtnspcy

I am shocked he was so nice and helpful. My mood is a bit better too. :)


To save time...Ask Dusty!
I'm glad you won't be in pain all weekend Wendy! Sounds like things went better than you thought!!
thanks Dex. It's all good. That went a lot better than thought!! Now I just wait... :)
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Oh Wendy, this is so great to read! At last validation!

I hope the meds give you some much needed R&R over the weekend. I have been thinking about you, particularly after Matt's surgery and knowing you are still waiting.

Kick back now hun and put your feet up. Sending you much love and healing thoughts for Monday......


Lots a love, :wub:
Dusty. xxxxxxxx


About bloody time someone listened to you Wendy!
He sounds like a real gem.
Have a great weekend, and fingers crossed, everything crossed for you now that surgery on Monday happens.
Chillax now


Phew! Glad things got sorted out or I was gonna have a dicky fit! ;)

Good luck Monday. Fingers crossed all goes well!

xo - Ames
lol.. dicky fit.. only Joan...lol....

Thank-you everyone for your support :)
More bowel prep tomorrow and then no food after midnight... have to be there for 11:30 and then surgery at 1:30...
I will update everyone as soon as I can
I really do appreciate everyones support

there really is strength in numbers!!!


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Take good care. Sending best wishes for a successful surgery and smooooth recovery!
Hi Wendy- sorry I'm coming to this thread late.
Just wanting to wish you all the best for your surgery tomorrow. Hope it's all smooth sailing, and a speedy recovery. Will be thinking of you.
Hugs, And x
Thank-you Andrea.. :) That means a lot considering you just came through the wringer... AND ON TO THE OTHER SIDE... I might add!
You have a lot of strength my friend :) Keep on keepin' on :D
Hugs, and x right back at ya!!!

on a different note... i had a dream last night during what little I did sleep... my dilaudid was dispensing out of my right ear... I was taking them like I was a big Pez head..
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It's been awhile since I have been on here but I just read this thread and I wanted to say Good luck with your surgery!!
Thank-you Entchen, Jill, Marisa, Dex and Lisa :D
There is something about being told you are not supposed to eat anything that makes you want to eat everything thats not nailed down :voodoo:
Im getting waves of nervousness but this site is keeping me amused.. :D

I am taking my laptop so I will update as soon as possible..
peace out

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To save time...Ask Dusty!
There is something about being told you are not supposed to eat anything that makes you want to eat everything thats not nailed down
:ylol: Soon you'll be able to, I hope!! Wishing you the best and a speedy recovery!! See ya soon!
No word yet on Facebook!

She said her surgery was at 1:30. I don't know what the time difference is where she is as compared to Chicago, but if it's the same time zone, she's only been in surgery for an hours.

How long does surgery like this typically take? Is it the kind of thing where she has to stay in the hospital afterward for a while? I suppose it also depends on what they found too!

We're all thinking about you, Wendy!

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She could be resting, and maybe no internet where she is, some hospitals (older ones) dont always have internet. Hope you are ok Wendy, post when you can... REST girl REST!! :hug:
hey thanks everyone
They called me to go in an hour early and I arranged it - when I got there, things went as according to planned originally so I basically had to wait for nothing..
I was only in OR for 40 min. They found 2 areas where there was endometriosis. She removed it..and instead of 5 little holes made 2 bigger incisions... not that big though. There was nothing adhered to my wall like originally thought so the pain in my hip is still there. The suspect all the pain is likely from Crohns. The good news now is that my GI is on board with the endometriosis and Crohns diagnosis although I believe she took biopsies.. was supposes to ...
was on tramadal (?) morphine and now percocet and dilaudid. Get nauseous really easy.
everything is good I am home. goin before i vomit

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Thanks for the update and hope you feel better soon! Drinking sips of water helps. Arent you given Gravol? Time heals, make sure you rest! All the best!


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I'm so happy to see this update Wendy! YAY!

I hope your recovery is speedy and the vomiting settles hun......:hug:

Thinking of you buddy, :Karl:
Dusty. xxxxxxxx
im ok.. stopped the percs.. blaaaa
yep was having gravol injections now ginger gravol...still want to throw up


To save time...Ask Dusty!
Sorry for the nausea Wendy but it's good to hear you're ok enough to stop the percs!

Any idea when you might hear from the GI?
Im not sure - forgot to ask the surgeon if she took biopsies. Anyone know how long it takes to get biopsies back?
I think I am feeling better than had expected since there wasn't all the adhesions she thought there would be. Just 2 implants on each side
I have to wait 2 weeks after surgery for CT .
I still dont have any voice... ever since I woke up
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My goodness girl you are up early! Most biopies can take up to 3 weeks, depends on the hospital and when your next appt is. I bet you are glad it is all over. Taking lots for pain? Let us know how you are feeling. Hugs.
I havent slept at all.
all my GI said was they wouldn't do the NG tube after just having surgery... I have to wait the 2 week recovery.
It is hard rolling over or standing up and sitting and standing up straight. I am okay after I have taken a few steps. If I drop something..its staying there...until I get my dog back (shes' part retriever). Incision is across the belly button and left side so I have to sleep on my back (my hip pain is all on my right).
the dialudid makes me really itchy and the percs make me throw up when I move. Id rather be itchy...
I think anesthetic or tube made me lose my voice. It was very high/squeak ..now theres none
My G.I was right all along...
Goodness gracious, Wendy! what an experience!

I'm glad to heat you are off the percs. And obviously you are feeling well enough to get on and update us every once in a while on here :) Is anyone coming by to check on you, just in case? Friends or advocate? I think I recall having a little trouble with my voice back when I had my wisdom teeth removed in college. Hope that comes back soon!

Glad to hear Keona will be coming back soon too! Alan keeps asking me about that. ;)
Great news Wendy, glad to hear u finally got under the knife and got some answers, i hope u start feeling a lil bit better soon!



Hope the voice comes back soon Wendy. I'm sure it will. And I really hope the nausea lessons. While I was in hospital, many folks were having the same problem from the pain meds, and the after effects of general anesthesia.

Hope your baby dog comes back soon from the 'sitters'!!! That will make you feel better almost instantly no doubt. (it would me!!)


How are you feeling now Wendy? Any better?
You'll feel much better once Keona is home with her Mum!
Take care and take it nice n slow


Hi Wendy - forget my PM, I found you!!

Glad the surgery went well relatively, but sorry you are having a hard time with the painkillers (send me the percs!). Dilauded makes me itchy too and makes me talk CRAZY. Yuk. Hope the nausea clears up soon.

Take care of yourself and rest, rest, rest!!!

xo - Ames

I forgot to tell you that my advocate asked me to ask the anestheosologist what it was they gave me to put me out.. I just refer to her as my friend there. Anyhow, they put the stuff in the tubes behind me which made me drowsy and then they pulled out the big tube of milky white stuff..as he was injecting it into my IV, I asked... "my friend wants to know what you are knocking me out with". I saw him look at my surgeon and the other nurses and laugh and my surgeon just shrugged".. I think they thought I was talking about my friend in the room... haha
then he told me that it was the stuff Michael Jackson died from and I said "OH GREAT!" with a quick reply from the nurse "only you have the anethiast, he didnt".. I was out...

anyhow...thought I would pass that on :D
still feeling crappy - my stomach is massive. I was sitting up for most of the day and still havent slept. Doing good though. No perc.. (Ames..I will send them to you :D) BLAHHHHH... they made me really angry (and made me think that everyone thought I was faking it.)...turns out no one thought it at all ..
gotta go outside and wait for my puppy :D