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I have been having a flare up since March 2012. Had an 8 cm. abscess drained in April, and several CT scans. Was in hospital twice in March and again in April for 7 days each time. MY last CT scan showed "persistent disease in TI and ileum". I had a colonoscopy on Monday and result was "Unable to intubate TI due to stricture" and the surgeon recommends surgery. Going to see her next week to discuss. I have done a ton of research on my specific condition, with the large abscess I had, and the condition of my small intestine, surgery is really the only option. I am reluctent to start Humira due to the abscess situation, I still have abscess but they are 'sterile' at this point. I am sure other people have had a problem with abscesses and stricture, and has had surgery. Any pointers? anything I should be sure to ask before surgery that you wish you had? anything at all will be helpful and most appreciated. This will be my first surgery and I am a bit afraid. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I've never had an abscess nor taken Humira so sorry I'm not help there.

I have had a stricture and did have a resection (same area, had 8 inches of small and large bowel removed). Mine was done laparoscopic with hand assist (I have key holes and a scar that's a little over 4 inches across my bellybutton).

Only problems I had were I wasn't given a cath cause they didn't think I would need one (this was 13 years ago so I think a cath is more the norm now) so I was forced to get out of bed to urinate and it was the worst pain I've ever had. You never know how much you use your abdominal muscles until someone's cut through them.

Other complication I had was my surgical site got infected which prolonged my recovery. If you start vomiting, tell someone right away. Don't wait it out. I was throwing up all night the day I was finally sent home and didn't tell my parents until the next morning after my incision broke open.

Recovery in the hospital could be between 4-7 days depending on how well you're doing. After that just take it easy. May take a couple weeks to over a month to feel back to normal (maybe longer depending on your recovery, mine was longer because of the infection).

If you can't walk around then at least try sitting up while you're in the hospital. It'll help get things moving again.

Keep us posted and ask any questions you like. I'm moving your thread to the Surgery subforum in hopes that you get more responses. :)
thanks for your reply. Very helpful indeed. Yes, I believe the surgeon will try laparscopic first, she said she had good results with that, but if necessary may have to open me up the "old fashioned way". Which of course is a longer recovery time. I posted this because there are things that you find out along the journey, that you wish you knew, it's always helpful to have tips and hints from somebody who has been there...I will keep you posted! thanks again.
I've had numerous surgeries on abscesses/fistulas throughout the years, currently dealing with an "inoperable" one, that's been going on around six months probably. I was also on Humira for 2-3 years, I found it to work better than any of the other biologics I've tried, maybe a little too well! I would get constipated (my idea of constipation is not going at least three times a day) and gained a little weight on it. I don't really have any specific advice for your situation, but feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions about the abscesses or Humira... Hope your resection goes well!