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Well I had my appt yesterday with my GI doc. She was in disbelief that I am actually feeling better on the Humira since I've lost about 25 pounds in the last month. She brought in the senior director of the GI section and he brought up the possibility of having a resection even though I'm responding to the Humira.

Apparently (according to him) my crohn's is rare in that it is only affecting the illeum. He suggested a resection as the stats show that 80% of people have remission at 5 years. He's concerned about my age and being on things like Humira or Remicade long term.

So I'm making an appt with a surgeon to discuss everything and see what we decide to do.
I have been cut open before but not for the Crohn's stuff. I've had my gall bladder removed and a hernia repaired amongst other stuff.


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I remember summer last year when I was in hospital the gastro team telling me its better to have planned surgery for Crohns with a good experienced surgeon Drew rather than as an emergency i.e obstruction and luck of the draw as to who is on call!

It stuck with me funnily enough...

Can understand why they are thinking like this as you say in relation to your age, longer possible remission and would think it clears the decks for medicines down the line in years to come if you did need them again..

Certainly worth thinking about.

I have heard from my gastro nurse this morning and she is trying to get me onto a ward today (tomorrow at the latest) and has told me which one... From what I remember its a surgical ward.. can I hide now?

Have just come from seeing my GP and he agrees I should go into hospital and have a complete review and overhaul - so here goes..

Let us know how you get on and what your thoughts are - would be interested to hear.

Thinking of you and hope all goes well whatever you decide!
best wishes with this drew!

hopefully what ever they decide can only make things better for you:D
Good point Jan. Better they cut it out while I have a choice of surgeon. I am just tired of fighting back and forth and dealing with this so if surgery gives me an 80% chance at remission at 5 years then I'm willing to play the game and give it a stab. If I get a whole year of remission then it'll be a blessed year. I don't care anymore at this point.

I hope you don't spend the next few days having to have surgery as well =( But at least you'll be under proper care, you've had a ton of problems lately and I feel for you. I think I have it easy compared to most of the people here.

If I have surgery i need a kitty picture from you Jed.

My Butt Hurts

If you need the kitty picture from Jed, I can't IMAGINE what kind of picture you'll need from ME! (heh, heh...)
Good luck with whatever decision you make with the surgery.
If you go for it, I'll be thinking of you the whole time. (Well, obviously)
Remission would be great for you right now, you've been through enough lately.
Good luck and ask them doing it laproscopically - it is a much quicker recovery. I had three years of remission after the colectomy.
Yes Drew, best of luck, just make sure you know all your options, and all the risks, then make your decision, maybe have family put their two cents in too.....I'm having surgery next month on my thyroid, so I know the concerns, but since they have talked about a colectomy too, I am worried on that front as well...hopefully I can avoid that, you can't cure Crohns but you can repress it greatly, and hopefully you are on the side of a longer remission, perhaps even lifelong.
Thanks everyone for their words of support. I hope I can repress this damn disease like all my childhood memories =p

Benson, good luck man you're in for one hell of a ride the next month or two and I hope you can get some much deserved relief. If all else fails, I'm still unemployed so I can fly to Chi-Town and beat the crap out of the doctor who decided he wasn't up to helping you out because he's a retard.

My Butt Hurts

Aaaand... how much closer does Benson live to me than you do???
Just thinking out loud here - sorry to jump on your thread.
I can only tell you that surgery was the best thing to ever happen for my son-he is now in his second year of remission-recent MD appt and bloodwork show no inflammatory markers and he has ben feeling great! I know there is always a certain amount of apprehension with surgery, but I can tell you that the odds are everything will go smoothly-you are young and that helps speed recovery. I also remember all your support when my son and I were going through this a year and a half ago.
All my best thoughts and hopes are with you!
Take care,
I have my appointment to meet with the Surgeon next Tuesday. I am meeting with my new GI on Monday as well. So I'm going to discuss it with her and get her thoughts. I am extremely apprehensive but everyone in my family has said go for it, they're tired of seeing me sick. I have a couple of real world friends who have had resections for Crohns and have said go for it as well.

I'm only apprehensive because I have this weird feeling that something is going to go wrong for some reason but I'm sure it's just because this would be the most invasive surgery I've ever had.

I'll keep this thread updated with what the Surgeon and GI say.
Good luck with your decision Drew. I hope everything works out wonderfully for you. There are so many of you on this board that need a break so badly. I will add all of you along with Drew to my prayers.

Your "feeling of impending doom" may just be nerves due to the seriousness of the surgery. I've not had surgery on my intestines (yet?) other than an apendectomy - can they do this laparoscopically or do you have to be cut wide open? They cut my wide open with the appendix, but they took out a grapefruit-sized ovary as well. I suppose with the intestines and the risk of bacteria leakage or whatever, they probably have to open you up.

Again, good luck with your decision and I wish you a very speedy recovery. You seem to be a real supportive guy on this board, so I will give you all of my brand-spakin' new support! :)
good luck with your appts, drew. i hope that you get some good info and can figure out whats gonna be best for you.

i know what you mean about feeling like something is gonna go wrong. ive been under anesthesia (sp?) at least 10 times in the past year and still every time going under i am panicking and freaking out in my mind. i dont know why i do this because of course nothing bad has ever happened, but i cant help but imagine all the worst happening. human nature perhaps?

look forward to hearing how everything goes and what the plan will be. best wishes!
Drew, I had my resection almost 2 weeks ago now. My body has totally recovered from the surgery at this stage, and I'm starting to feel to benefits already.

I was actually discussing this with my wife last night. I've had this constant, almost nervous energy this past few days. I can only put it down to my body getting back to the energy levels of a normal human being. I'm just not used to having any energy, so it all seems rather weird to me.

So far, I do not regret my decision to have my stoma, If this is how it will make me feel in the future.