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Hey guys,

I just found out yesterday I have a fistula in my small intestine and I'm going to need surgery to remove that section.

I'm looking for someone to tell me they've had something similar and everything is now great for them.....
Hi, I had surgery in February. It took about 8 weeks to recover, I overdid it. Take your drugs and relax. You should be fine. Good Luck.

I have had an operation to remove 32cm of small intestine. This was due to a stricture. In my case the worst parts were the worry about the operation and waking up in pain post op.

The pain was soon forgotten and I was on my feet in 2 weeks.

I will not lie to you, surgery is the last option because of the possibility of complications. This does not mean that a bad outcome is garanteed. In my case, surgery saved me.

Just remember to take it easy after the operation.

Wishing you all the best,