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Surgical notes



I was just wondering.

I have recieved my records from a GI at a university near me, and it had some surgical notes saying:

(small portion of the notes)

"29cm in length. The bowel ranging in circumfrence from 3.5cm at one margin which will be designated margin A up to 8.5cm in the central and opposite margin of the specimen. The outer surface of the small bowel is covered with fibronopurulent exudent and fat. The bowel is also centrally kinked. The fat is most abundant in this kinked area. Opening the bowel reveals a tan-pink mucusa with numerous erosions ranging in size from .2cm to 8.0cm dimension. In the narrow area of the specimen nearest to margin A, there are two areas of possible proforation."

Has anyone read or been told about this fat? Is it common?

(Microscopic interpretation said)

Small intestine; resection

-Crohns Disease, active, of small intestine with, mucosal ulceration, RARE NON-CASEATING GRANULOMAS; pyloric cell metaplasia, and focal transmural chronic inflammation

-Porforations, multiple, of small intestine associated with focal ischemic damage to muscularis propria and severe organizing, supportive of serotitis with foreign body matrial.

What is the "rare non-caseating granulomas" they are talking about...


I believe granulomas are a mass of inflammed tissue. I think it would be like a small raised portion in the intestine, but it is not a tumour. I would estimate that yours were not harmful based on the language used.

I never knew that you could get access to that information. I am always curious what the doctors/hopsital has written up about me :).


i know i definitely dont know..though i did read a little on granulomas on wikipedia and in this book-but..you know,..how much does that tell?
i was just curious: is this a very recent report (when were these records made..have the granulomas always been present since you were diagnosed or..?)