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Sushi ~ yay or nay?

Absolutely! I just avoid the ones with seaweed as that doesn't seem to digest that well, but all the ones with white rice and fish, yes.
Just be aware that you could be sensitive to the vinegar they put through the rice, I am for some of them so I only go to certain sushi shops.
Sometimes I can eat it just fine, other times it makes me sick. Seems to be gamble either way, depending on if my stomach is in a good mood that day.


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New York, USA
I love sushi. I think an important thing to remember is the is a great difference in quality.....I only eat from trusted sources.......btw- there is an AWESOME sushi place in Williamsburg, VA that I found....... Utter Bliss!!!!!
Yes! One of the only things I've ever been able to tolerate during bad flares...in the middle of one right now and I'm getting sushi tonight! Weirdly enough too, I can tolerate tempura veggies.
I love sushi and find that I can tolerate it well. Just be careful of how made up sushi is stored - both cooked rice and raw fish will spoil if not kept in a refrigerated cabinet.
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Definite yay. BUT be very mindful of where and when it was prepared. In my case, my guts seem to be a little more sensitive to bacteria than they use to be.