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Suspected Ibd but no diagnosis

Hi all

To start off I've always had a poor stomach, never or rarely painful but often D. Over the years I've noticed some triggers such as energy drinks, junk food etc so I avoid those mostly but over all I'd say my diet is still poor.

Around 2 years ago a my stomach started to play up a lot more and I was getting sudden but brief severe stomach pain that would only last about 5 seconds. After a couple of weeks of ignoring it (stupid I know) I went toilet and past a lot of blood, tbh overall I felt OK, I'd been swinging a sledge hammer that morning so was far from ill. Bottom line I spent 7 days in hospital being told they think I had Ibd, I had a endoscopy (Clear) followed by a ct scan what found a inflamed appendix what was promptly removed and I was sent on my way with the all clear.

10 months later I had a few days of stomach pain and then one day it got alot worse as I was clearly out the garage and I passed a lot of blood that night, seen a out of hours GP and was assured I'm fine and was told to see my GP when possible. The following day it came back with a vengeance and I spent 8 hours in resus (not sure why as I didn't get blood or any thing) and again was told that it sounds like I have ibd so I got a emergency flexible sigmoidoscopy what came back all clear.

After all this I had 2 stool tests, one came back borderline and one normal. And I'm now to scared to go back to my GP.

Feel like a can't win this, wait and see if I get really bad again or go back to my GP and go through more horrible tests
I just joined the forum and reading this and others makes me scared to even go see a doc. I have my first GI doc appointment on Thursday. I too have had digestive issues all my life and have always been self diagnosed "IBS" but the past few weeks the pain in my stomach is different and the foods that seem to trigger it are Crohn's related. It feels like I have been hit in the stomach with a soccer ball, like when the wind gets knocked out of you.....it lasts until I take some kind of pain med. I had all blocked bile ducts about 5 years ago and after countless endoscopy's, I ended up having half of my liver removed. Almost 10 years ago I had my gall bladder removed after one attack simply because there were stones......I just wonder if this is all related somehow. Anyway...I am so sorry for all that you have been through....sometimes I am baffled at how difficult it can be to get an answer!!

Lynda Lynda

Hi Destiny.

I am far from an expert at anything, but I think you need to see a Gastroenterologist and not a GP.

But I can tell you that I understand the frustration that comes with IBD and IBD related illnesses. It's tough to get a diagnosis.

These are the tests that I had before being diagnosed with Crohn's In April.
Stool sample test : Negative for C-diff.
Stool sample test : a calprotectin level of 674 ( which means inflammation. )
Blood test.
Colonoscopy ( a scope up the butt to check my colon and beginning of the small intestine.)
Endoscopy ( scope down my throat into my stomach. )
CT Scan with contrast.

This is a great forum with lots of nice folks.
I read a lot of threads and learn a lot, which has made me feel more comfortable with my new diagnosis.Take your time to read and chat with others here.
We aren't afraid to talk about poop or hear about it !!
Sending you my support. 💕

Lynda Lynda

Laurie, Hello. 🌻

I have been here since April, but was also chatting here 4 years ago.

I have had nothing but great experiences here.
Folks you can talk to.
And folks who have extensive knowledge about IBD and IBD related illnesses.
Lots of threads with some great information.
Even though everyone here has had their own unique experiences, we can still relate to each other.

I am glad that you are seeing a Specialist.
Don't be scared.
The worst part is not knowing why you are sick and the best part is getting some kind of diagnosis so that you can start receiving the proper treatment.

It sounds like you have been through a lot the last few years, I am sorry you had to go through that.

If you post your story under "My Story" then folks here will get to know you. Don't worry how long your story is. 🙂

Keep in touch. We care about how you feel.