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Sweating and pain

I had bad diarrhoea and minor bleeding for a couple of days. Now im having constant hot cold shivery sweats. Feel sick and like im going to collapse all the time.and insane pain, just not getting any better. Does anyone else get sweats like this?
I sweat profusely. I have to change my clothes a lot. I have not found anything that helps other than drinking Gatorade (G2) to stay hydrated and taking showers. None of my doctors have provided any explanation other than, " it comes with the territory".
Oh really i got some larazade used to be lucozade! This morning i was getting scared, had bad diarrhoea 6 times in a xouple of hours and felt so dehydrated. I have flashbacks from when i was first diagnosed years ago, it was bad and i was stuck in hospital in another country on my own. Was traumatic. Got some steroids and not eaten anything whichh seems to have helped though got insane back pain and nausea. Gp wanted me to go to hospital for IV fluids but coudlnt cope with that. Hoping steroids work and quickly!