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Swedish Bitters

I am referring specifically to Maria trebens schweden bitter.
I got a good recommendation from a lady who's battled successfully large bowel cancer. I don't know though if it is suitable for autoimmune disorders like Crohn's.
The lady at the organic shop informed me that it helps with 40 different health issues and the only contradiction according to her is not to take it with milk or dairy products after 4 hours from its use.
I hesitated and didn't buy it.
Any thoughts on it?
Has anyone tried it and what about the results?
Let me clarify that I support herbals only as an auxiliary treatment in combination with the doctor's prescriptions
San Diego
I haven't tried it, but the claim to treat 40 different conditions is a red flag.

A true miracle drug with scientific backing might be able to treat two or three different problems – usually related conditions that share a biological pathway or origin - Stelara treating both IBD and psoriasis for example. Quack treatments will often claim to cure a long list of often unrelated ailments.