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Sweetcorn (I think corn if ur American)

Does anyone else have a problem with eating this??

I'm so upset cos I love the stuff but looking around it does seem like its very common.....

Why is this??



Its because its very hard to digest. (the kerns will go through you without being broken down. With crohns these can get stuck i guess and cause problems. I used to love it too but the pain was too bad to carry on eating them (and popcorn :( )
Even if they don't get stuck, they scratch your intestines. If your intestines are already sore, that's going to hurt, and your intestines will try and get it out ASAP (so giving you runs).


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Yep, I agree with Rygon and Rebecca. Corn is pretty much indigestible and even in people with normal digestive systems, corn comes out looking the same as when it went in. Popcorn is high in fiber and the husks have sharp edges which can scrape and hurt the intestinal walls, and both popcorn and regular corn can cause blockages. I can only eat corn if it's been pulverized into something like a tortilla chip, and even then I can't overdo it or it hurts too. Corn is not our friend!
My grandpa was a farmer and my mom raised me eating fresh sweet corn bought directly from the farm. But alas, no more for me...
I am originally from Nebraska and my dad's friends grow sweet corn every years so we get all that we can eat and more. I still have about 15 bags frozen from last years. It may not do anything nutritionally, but yum yum. I do have to watch how much i eat or chew it up longer than i do normal foods for it to "flow" easier.
I dont want to cut it out my diet; I'm already missing nandos and spicy food so much but the pain from those is unbearable!! Maybe I could purree it...........
Corn, ooooohhhhh !!

its a no no for me with my stoma anyway because it doesn't breakdown.

incidentally a dietician once told me that it has zero nutritional value either.

If i ate it i may as well eat gravel

life goes on though cornless !!
uh yes! Corn is terrible. Popcorn is terrible. It just sits in my gut for days, and eventually comes out in a large mass which resembles corn on the cob XD
I live in corn country, Illinois, half the year. Used to enjoy a good ear, but not anymore. Overall I avoid all grains, wheat, corn, rice and the gut is happier for it.
:) we can all not eat corn together then!!

I also miss spicy food, my partner had spicy ribs last night - double whammy cos atm Im flaring and can barely eat at all!!!

But never mind, we're not alone in this!! And life is full of other good things!!

Oh I have so been craving corn on the cob... Grilled like at the fair. Yum Yum

Thanks for reminding me how bad the pain will be if I eat it


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I really miss eating corn. Once in a while I will lose my mind and sneak some. I pay for it though. Oh the pain!
Paid for it.... So the craving over ruled my common sense ate some corn on the cob today now I lay on my couch bloated and sore. I'm such an idiot :yfrown: