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Swelling of penis and testicles

I'm new to this site, finally decided that I need some more information and support to deal with my son's Crohn's/colitis disease. It is great to hear from people that deal with the same problems and have answers to my questions.
My son is a 20 year old, diagnosed two years ago and has been on different medications; Lialda, Asacol, Canasa, Azathioprine and still has bleeding when he goes to the bathroom. He goes about 3-4 times a day, doesn't have stomach pains or other symptoms. In June he noticed swelling of his penis, went to urologist who said it's because he is uncircumcised. Second urologist though it is a allergy to a detergent. Non of them was right. Third one talked with my son's gastrologists and they decided that it is probably due to pelvic inflammation from colitis. Sigmoidoscopy confirmed colitis and he is waiting to be started on Humira.
Did anybody had this experience with swelling, and how was it treated?
Thank you very much.


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Hi and welcome.
Sorry, no experience with this issue.

Sending you both my support.