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Swimming with anal fistula?

Does anyone have any tips or thoughts on this? I always wear a panty liner to catch the drainage, but I don't feel comfortable going without one to swim. I even have a dark skirt style bathing suit, but I would just as soon stay out of the water just in case. Our friends have a pool and people constantly ask me why I am not swimming. How does everyone else deal with this uncomfortable situation?


I am sorry but I would not risk swimming. You have an open wound, drainage is not my concern but infection is. You are open and susceptible to getting an abscess. I know pools are treated but there is still tons floating in there.
I used to just say I just had a surgical procedure and can't risk infection yet. Or just say that I had an open wound and I can't risk getting it infected. Depends I guess on how open you are about talking to people about it and if they even know you have Crohn's. Half the time I would just flat out say "my ass hurts so I don't wanna" and that usually did the trick.