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Switching from Entocort to Uceris

Hi all,

I am a Collagenous & Lymphocytic colitis patient who is Entocort resistant, and my GI doc wants to put me on Uceris. I have been on Entocort for about 8 weeks with a 3 week break in the middle there. First six weeks, it didn’t work at all, and after 3 week break of taking nothing, back on Entocort, and it’s sort of working, though I am still having D up to 4x a day some days, and abdominal pain.

Is Uceris ok for those of you who take it? I have terrible acne from Entocort, and joint pain (from IBD?). Still in the middle of getting a CD diagnosis, have an MRE in Nov.

Can anyone else chime in with their experience of Uceris?




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Uceris is the same drug as Entocort, namely budesonide. The big difference is the site of action. Entocort is designed to dissolve and release its drug in the terminal ileum and early part of the colon. Uceris is designed to release its drug farther south in the colon.

If your disease is "colitis" (inflammation of the colon) then that probably explains why Entocort is only "sort of working" and why Uceris might work better. Uceris is better targeted to the location of your inflammation.
Scipio is exactly correct. My son had great results on Uceris and not on Entocort because his disease has moved from on in the ileum to the entire colon with rectum most involved. His fecal calprotectin didn't change at all on Entecord and went down to 21 after 6 weeks on Uceris! He didn't have any side effects except some acne on his chest may have been one. He is acne prone (20) and no additional acne on his face. I bet it will help you a lot more than Entecord which works in ileum and ascending colon only.