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Switching from humira to cannabis

I've been taking humira for a few years. My bowels feel blocked and I usually have only gaseous liquid stools -often with mucous and sometimes blood. I have also started cannabis and hear it provides the same positive TNF effects as humira but in a more natural format. I am ready to commit myself to a better diet and make the switch away from humira but seek advice and dialogue with others who have at least chosen to discontinue humira.
Hello, I was required to stop using three different biologicals including Humira. I was at the end of my rope with Crohn's after a lifetime of predisone, remicade,humira,cimzia, as well as other crohn's meds. Too much surgery has also left me with very short bowel. I had absolutely nothing to loose and tried cannabis. I wish I would have tried it long ago. It is all that I use now and would say that I have not ever done as well as I am doing now. I eat anything and lots of it.

I know that it is not for everyone. It is however right for me considering where I am currently at. There is a forum just for that on this website and it is helpful to me. Take a look if you want. I think you may get more specific information.

I hope you have as much success as I have had. It helped me get what I consider to be a reasonably normal life. Contact me if you want.


I have not heard of medical marihuana acting as an anti-TNF. Do you have a source?

I know many find it helps with pain management, increases appetite and could potentially be anti-inflammatory. Are you saying it specifically acts on TNF?
I am with you. My experiment started when I went on SCD and marijuana about 8 weeks ago. I quit Humira at the same time. So far I am hanging in and I am feeling better.

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Unheated Cannabis extract and THCa were able to inhibit the tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) levels in culture supernatants from U937 macrophages and peripheral blood macrophages after stimulation with LPS in a dose-dependent manner
This inhibition persisted over a longer period of time, whereas after prolonged exposure time THC and heated Cannabis extract tend to induce the TNF-alpha level. Furthermore we demonstrated that THCa and THC show distinct effects on phosphatidylcholine specific phospholipase C (PC-PLC) activity. Unheated Cannabis extract and THCa inhibit the PC-PLC activity in a dose-dependent manner, while THC induced PC-PLC activity at high concentrations. These results suggest that THCa and THC exert their immuno-modulating effects via different metabolic pathways
Why wouldn't you commit yourself to the healthy diet, try cannibis and then once you feel better quit Humira?

The above has the results of a small high THC marijuana study - There were no anti-inflammatory effects. Apparently patients felt better because of the analgesic effects of THC, but it has been reported they started to feel worse shortly after the formal study ended, during a 2 week follow up as Crohn's flares burned through the THC euphoria.

Studies on the anti-inflammatory effects of low THC cannabis products are long overdue and presumed to have failed. Apparently cannabis doesn't work outside of a test tube.