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Switching from Remicade to Humira?

Hi fellow Remicade users:

I've been on Remicade for 2 years now and have seen posts after posts about the muscle/joint pains that begin near the end of the 6-8 week infusion span. I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis since 2002 and 16 years later I was loving the immediate relief of the Remicade but now it's the medication from Hell and I cannot take being so inhibited by the muscle/joint pains.. everyday I wake up and something else hurts excruciatingly so. I'm afraid of changing to something different if it means the pain is now dependant on the Remicade. Please tell me there are some of you who've been in my shoes and made the switch and no longer feel this pain. I would take a million flare ups over this pain anyday and that's saying something!