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Switching from Remicade to Stelara

My daughter is in remission on Remicade and Doctor feels it is a good time to move to a more gut targeted biologic. What are others advice and experiences moving to Stelara?
If she is in remission, what is the point of changing biologics? Has she gotten a colonoscopy to show that there is inflammation and other issues? What I would be concerned is that if she is does not have good results from Stelara, she would most likely not be able to go back on Remicade due to antibody formation. If it isn't broke, don't fix it.

As for me personally, I have never been on Stelara. I have been on Remicade and it has worked great for me.
I remember when I switched earlier than I thought they should on ?? sorry can't remember they told me sometimes it's better to switch when you're doing ok. When you're in crisis it's so much harder for your body to catch up.

I'm going to start Stelara in about 6 weeks so sorry can't advise on. I was on Remicade and was doing great then about the 6 month mark I got Lupis from it. Rarer side effect from it I guess unfortunately because it was a wonder drug for me.

Take care.
If you are on a biologic and in remission it is strongly discouraged to switch to a different biologic, your doctor should know this.
  • You don't know that stelara will work for your daughter, she may as well stay on remicade if that appears to be working
  • If she switches to stelara, and then it stops working later on, she may not be able to go back to remicade because you form antibodies to it when you stop