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Switching from Remicade to Stelara

So I was on Remicade for almost 5 years with honestly no issues at all until I went to study abroad in Ireland just a few months ago and took a biosimilar instead which a month later triggered drug-induced lupus. I'm still having major issues and getting worse, but my Gastro docs switched me to Stelara just this past Friday. I've seen mixed results and I'm just wondering if Stelara is as effective in treating Severe Crohn's?
my son switched from remicade too in October. It has not been as good and they are upping the dose. Remicade gave him psoraisus and other skin issues. Lets be in touch on this!

my little penguin

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Ds has been on both
Remicade takes 6-8 weeks before it is effective
Stelara takes an average of 8 months before its effective
Most need a bridge therapy (steriods) until the drug kicks in

Ds has been on Stelara for 3 years in August
He did need a more frequent dosing of 90 mg every 4 weeks to help his arthritis and crohns

one infusion would not be enough to tell if it will work for you

it does take a long time though (8 months )

good luck