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Swollen lymph nodes and glands

swollen lymph nodes and glands


i noticed on wednesday before i got my humira injection (every two weeks but changing to weekley) i noticed a couple of sore lumps behind my left ear. i mentioned it to the nurse and he said to keep an eye on it, if more came to go to DR. i got an emercancy appt yesterday as more came and down my neck.

Doctor said that all my lymph nodes and glands on my left sides are all swollen including into my head and no idea why. she said i was evidentlly trying to fight off something or thatr i had a virus. but she couldnt give me antibiotics because of humira. so i am left with lots of painfull lumps and feeling rubbish,.

ive been looking online (which is never a good thing) because i discovered that humira causes shingles...

i was wondering if anyone on this drug had felt the same things? they are rewally sore, i dont know if i should go back or not. GP is now closed untill monday


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Why couldn't you get antibiotics? I would think if your immune system is reduced due to medications you should get treated! I've been on antibiotics multiple times since I've been on Remicade.....
doctor said that you cant have them with humira as it seems to counteract them! but she also didnt know much about it as she didnt pescribe it! thats the problem with UK health you have a GP and a consultant im not back at hospital for a week and a half!

the lumps are really painfull and i feel a bit light headed and a little worse than usual but i have no obvious pain if you know what i mean no cold or sore throat!

just not sure what to do, she said its more complicated to treat everything when on medication like this.

i have been around people with whooping cough, chicken pox and swine flu at work but i havent picked anything up as far as i know
Mono is always an option in life. most people don't know they have it, less then 25% feel sick. I only mention this because the glad behind my ear is what sweld when i had it (2 years ago). Now I feel that my gland swell randomly.

that weird of your doc. you'd think that something to be up on as a gp.

I take my Humira on wednesday too. hehe