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Swollen lymph nodes while on humira

Anyone experiencing enlarged neck ( cervical) nodes while on humira? I have a enlarged left sided node that is slightly tender. I am in my 4th month of humira and have had a runny nose and URI since... It gets a little better, then comes back....

Humira 40 Mg every other week
Imuran 100 mg a day
Pentasa 2000 mg daily

DX : Crohns small bowel, transverse and iliocecal valve
Well I have to go. Swollen lymph nodes are usually nothing worrysome, but just to make sure you should show them to your doctor soon if they don't go away. If needed they can take an MRI to rule out malignancy. Make sure you get them checked out if they persist.
Update! Went to family doctor and she said I just have a viral URI. Body can't kick it to well due to immunosuppressants but is, starting Flonase ... We shall see. Enlarged node is just a symptom of the viral infection.
I had similar symptoms while on remicade. I ended up being diagnosed with Cryptic Tonsilitis. It's not as easily detected. It took seeing several doctors before I finally got an answer. I hope your node went down.
I had enlarged thyroid during my last admission (+1 in size). Docs kept an eye on it and now seems to have returned to normal size. They attributed it to a viral infection that wasn't manifesting itself over the IBD.