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Symptoms of perianal Crohn's?

So whats some symptoms of perianal Crohn's other than the obvious like my lower back hurts, when I'm inflamed my butt cheeks hurt, and I have frequent urination sometimes also the biggie it's a pain in the ass!! And not to give tmi but have any of the males on here ever get a rash on ur penis? Like dry irritated skin on the head of the penis? I've been married for years so I don't suspect std's I thought it could be a Crohn's thing I heard it can affect the urinary tract as well? I'm only on entocort I wouldn't think this would be a reaction to that


Naples, Florida
I'm not aware of a rash on your penis being a symptom of perianal Crohn's. I do know that if something was wrong with mine, I'd be heading to the doctor to get that looked at pretty darn quick.

Good luck.
Perianal CD is literally just around your anus and rectum.
It's usually fissures and the like.
Sometimes fistulae and abscesses.
Extremely painful.
Your symptoms are sounding very STI or UTI or well - very painful.
But don't sound like perianal manifestations.
Yeah I was thinking some kind of infection and yes when it comes on it's pretty annoying but I'm just at a loss cause I work a full time job with wife and kids to support and my symptoms are piling up on me weakness all over body, eyes dry and weird feeling, terrible sinuses, upper respitory stuff, upper back killing me, lower back starting to hurt, right knee hurting, weird pains kinda all over like lil needle pricks, and my right and left lower abdomanl r weird feeling. Now how can I explain all that to the dr and ex
Pect some kinda solution in one visit there's no way and I any afford to take off I'm currently on vitamins and entocort the weird thing is some days are great but then I have days like this were it feels like I got one foot in the grave?
You need to go to a doctor mate.
And you explain it all to that doctor in exactly the same manner you have explained it here.
Leaving infections untreated can be a deadly business.
I have this awful fear of the worse case scenario like every test or dr'a visit is gonna bring awful news I'm almost to the point that I don't wanna know anymore than I already know that I have Crohn's that's good enough I couldn't imagine another disease or Crohn's getting worse