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Hi all,
My name is Ian, I’m 31 years old I was diagnosed with colitis, “indicative of Crohn’s disease” on my descending colon November 21 by chance, I had food poisoning in the March and from there I was getting cramps and chest/rib/ niggling pain just below my left breast was driving me crazy I was up A&E every week thinking I was having a heart attack. Fast forward to October my GP gave me a fit test to do and it game back with inflammation markers so booked me for a colonoscopy and that’s where they found a 10cm segment of my descending colon inflammation, they also gave me a endoscopy which came back ok the IBD team have been great very helpful I’m on salofalk 1.5/3g now everything seems ok. My question is does anyone else get this pain? Is it normal to constantly feel something where the inflammation is? I’ve been told it maybe possible that the inflammation is just radiating out.

Thanks everyone
Looking forward to getting to know you all ☺


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My Crohn's pain occurs in the same vicinity as the inflamed part of the small bowel - lower right abdominal quadrant. But it is certainly possible, in fact common, for intestinal pain to be "referred" to another part of the abdomen or chest due to shared nerve tracts. In fact referred pain is a common diagnostic sign of appendicitis - pain referred from the inflamed lower right large bowel to the mid upper abdomen - the epigastrum.