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Syringe won't stay in tube while flushing

This just started happening either today or yesterday. Basically, when flushing my peg tube, the syringe won't stay in. I have to hold both it and my peg tube to prevent it from coming out, all while trying to flush. Needless to say it's a two hand job. For some reason, something is causing it to come out, no matter how far in I push it. I tried a second syringe, and the same thing happened.

Just now I tried something else, putting in the tube from the pump, rather than a syringe, and pushing that all the way in. It pops out as well. Not all the way, but it goes from as far in as I can push it to only 75% or so pushed in. Still works fine and I'm not worried about it coming out, but it doesn't stay in as far as it would before, either.

Any ideas of what to do? The peg tube doesn't look like there's buildup or anything, although I guess trying to clean it out wouldn't hurt. Not sure how I would go about doing that, though.


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I don’t have a peg tube but have dealt with them in my line of work. The only thing that I have found that causes a syringe to pop back out is blockage. So as I try to apply pressure from my end the blockage causes pressure from that end and forces the syringe out.

Maybe start by cleaning it out and go from there. I have found that soft drinks work, like ginger ale. Also baking soda and warm water. Push the fluid in and clamp, leave for about ten minutes and before unclamping, if you are able, run the clamp up and down the tube. Unclamp and then pull back on the syringe. If you don’t have a full blockage though I don’t know how well this would work but it still may be worth a try.

Do you put meds down the tube? If so do you flush after each administration?

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This happened to my Grace. She has a g-tube. We ended up having to change it.
I just noticed in the kit for the g-tube that it came with a blue toothpick like instalment.......meant to unclog.:ybatty: wish I had seen that before.

But I warn you, don't use a make shift tooth pick. Only use what comes in your kit......if you get one.
I never got any kit so no cleaner there. Yesterday the syringe stayed in just fine a couple times I flushed, but then by the night was coming out again. I flushed a few times with warm water just now and it seems to be staying in fine, though. Hopefully it stays that way this time. If not, I'm seeing my doctor next week so will bring it up then.

Thanks for the replies. :)