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Taken off Pantasa cause of side effect

Hi I had a question maybe you all could help, I was on Pantasa for a week and have bad headaches and stomach pains and my Dr. told me to stop taking it but told me to start Asacol , is this the same medicine and will it cause the same side effects? I am worried I will be having the same side effects.

Just Diaganoised with Crohns


Hiya Kathy
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In my opinion 1 week isn't really enough time to work. Remember that all meds have side effects in the beginning until your body adjusts. Headaches and belly aches are common side effects, I remember it well when I started Pentasa. Side effects will go quite quickly once the med gets going.
Both of these meds are 5 ASAs, so yeah maybe you will have the same side effects.
Btw, Pentasa has been my life saver over the past 6 years, try to give it one more chance.
Lotsa luv
Joan xxx
I also am on Pentasa...I am recently diagnosed w..Crohns.....However, I am taking 500 mg ...2 capsules 3x per day...really has helped my Crohn's symptoms, but it makes me feel slightly loopy and as if I am moving in slow motion......Have only been on the meds 4 days... This is the first med my Dr has tried me on...Also feel somewhat emotional...
Common side effects? I have taken antidepressant for years...

I took Pentasa and another variant called Balsalazide last year, and I reacted similar to the OP, same symptoms, but it got to a point where the pain in my belly, chest and back became unbearable, and had to go to hospital each time for them.

The second time I had to get the drug pumped out of me (yep it was that bad!) I developed bad acid reflux and had to be prescribed Lansoprazole for 2 months to fix it.

If the pain persists after a 2 week period at most, I would get off them and get your doc to try something other than a 5-ASA drug. There are side-effects with a lot of these drugs, and you should try to persist where you can, but don't suffer as one drug that will be great for a person may not necessarily work for another. Good luck!