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Taken prep

taken prep

Hi , i have just taken my 1st sachet of citrafleet ready for my 1st colonoscopy tommorow indeed it does taste of a mixture of lemons and soapy
water i drank it in 3 gulps the taste was vile here goes a happy night on the
throne to come.
Followed by a lovely breakfast of citrafleet and water.
HI Mick , I know the fleet doen't taste nice, but it end it's worth it. i hope you scope comes out fine and that your doing ok :dance:
Ugh, I shudder at the thought of citrafleet! Definitely not a great taste but certainly does the job. Hope all goes well for you tomorrow x

Hi, i went 10 times from 6.30pm till about 1.00am then slept till 5.am took
the other sachet of citrafleet and just waiting for the rest of the fallout.
The 1st drink i thought it would have been a lot worse than it was, but now
my tummy is rumbling well.
The worst part for me is the hunger pangs i am starving.
I am 6ft 2 tall and 15 stone normally.
regards mmick.


The hunger will get better as time goes by, at least that usually happens when I prep. The nauseousness of the yucky prep meds make you want to never want to eat again sometimes!

Good luck with the colonoscopy! Remember, you are past the worst part. :)
update had my colonoscopy done they said it is normal took 3 biopsies for testing and suggest i have upper endoscopy for possible celiac disease will know more later in week .
They went up to the cecum.
regards mick.
Good news so far! "Not Crohn's" is a good answer even when it means the answer has been postponed.

Celiac is no party either, though. Good luck.
awesome for you that it is not crohn's! if you have to take prep again for that test, try sucking on ice cubes for a little bit first. i find that helps numb the taste buds a bit or.....pretend they are tequilla shooters in shot glasses! lol that works too.
I hate to be the dissenting voice here... but Crohn's can occur from mouth to anus so a lower scope isn't enough to rule it out by any means. If it's in the small bowel it can be very hard to spot. A lower and upper scope can only reach tiny parts of it.


Yeah, star brought up a really good point. Many of us here have had normal colonoscopies yet a pill cam or some other test finds the IBD somewhere else along the digestive tract. I had a normal colonoscopy, but my GI still thinks its crohns from persistent symptoms. Just make sure you check everything!