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Taking Entocort in Morning versus Evening

My son is starting Entocort. He was on it years ago and it did a nice job. He feels fine but his FCP has been around 1,000 for 6 months so we decided with his GI to see if we can get it down to control things better. He only has crohns in his terminal ileum.

He is much better at remembering to take his meds at night but his doctor and everything I read says to take it in the morning. Does anyone know why? Is it okay to take at night if it makes him more compliant?

Thanks for any input!


Entocort like pred can cause sleep issues. I believe that why they recommend all steroids be taken to the morning.
Pred is a syntatically cortisone, which is produced by the body at day light time as much as I know. This is why they say it is best taken im the morning, or sometimes split to morning and late noon, but not later...

I dont know if the same holds for Entocort.
I was told to take it in the morning because of sleep issues. I hope it works for him, been working great for me, I haven't felt this good in about a year!
It depends.

It is advisable to take them when you wake up as that is when(most people) make the largest amount of the natural version of prednisone/entocort aka cortisol. So you will have a better chance of keeping this natural cycle intact when you go off of them.

After many years of being on and off prednisone/entocort, and taking it at night I don't see too much of the sunshine anymore. I have become a permanent night owl.

Even when I am off steroids for six months or longer I try to become a morning person but I ALWAYS fail. My clock is on permanent night mode from here on out. It is nothing bad though I enjoy the stars and moon over the sun and clouds.