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Taking Entocort in the evening?

We weren't told to have her take the Entocort in the morning specifically, so she has her dose at supper time. Our thinking was that she would sleep off more of the side effects.

She woke up last night hungry and dizzy. I wondered if anyone had a problem taking their dose in the evening and what the side effects are like for you.


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Since corticosteroids are known to interfere with sleep patterns, I suggest you switch her to taking the dose in the morning. In my opinion you should have been instructed to take it in the morning. I think that was an oversight on the part of your doctor and/or pharmacist.

I took Entocort in the mornings and had no noticeable side effects at all.


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We also do Entocort in the morning. My daughter has a puffy face and has gotten hungrier with it (but she has been on it 2.5 months). No other issues.

Her GI said that Prednisone-like side effects with Entocort are rare, but they do happen for some people. Insomnia is VERY common with Prednisone.

I'd try it in the morning and see how she does.

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We have always done Ds pred not entocort in the morning as much as possible
It still causes sleep issues for him and makes him hungry /moody /puffy face etc...,
Good luck
Thanks. It will take a few days but I'll gradually move it meal by meal to breakfast and see if it makes a difference.