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Taking Humira after antibiotics

Hi all

I am just wondering what everyone has been told about how long after finishing a course of antibiotics should you take your Humira? I have always been told that I should wait 14 days after finishing the course of antibiotics to take my next dose. This is pretty crap as it means I miss a months worth of medication as I am usually put on a two weeks course of antibiotics (I suffer regularly from tonsillitis) and then have to wait an extra 14 days after finishing the course, to then take my Humira :(. Google isn’t providing me good enough answers so I’m hoping here is better.
Thanks 👌🏻
Hi. I would consult with your doctor. I could be wrong but I would be concerned that waiting that long could affect how effective tour treatment from the Humira is.

my little penguin

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Never was told that for ds when he was on humira for 5 years
Only no humira with fever
And no humira for 24-48 of starting abcy
Never stayed off that long
He was on shot every 5 days st the end of humira s

Only stopped long for surgery to heal
Im on remicade infusions, and know they are similar in how they work to block a specific immune antibody that causes inflammation. I have my infusions at the hospital and fill in a questionnaire with reguards to having an infection/antibiotics/temperature within the past 7 days i have stated yes several times in the past, sometimes finishing my antibiotics a couple of days before and i have still been allowed my infusion. They check my temperature and that before it. I will add i found if the infection is still there it will be 10x worse after the infusion-that has happened to me a few times and it is nasty. But I know if i miss a couple of weeks i flare real badly. Its a fine balance I don't always get right still. It's whats the better of two evils. Please consult your Doctor/specialst and tell him any concerns you may have.