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Taking Humira Early

You may remember that some weeks ago I posted an entry saying how I had missed out on one of my Humira shots (due to my GI and his dawdling in renewing my program with Medicare). As a result of missing that shot, my health did a backslide. When I finally did get a new script, had it filled and had my next shot, it was 4 weeks since my last pen.

My next injection is due on Wednesday and I'm getting impatient because I'm still not back to where I was before I had the break. So thinking of taking my next Humira dose early, like today or tomorrow. That would be about 10 days since my last injection, rather than the normal 14 days.

My GI has indicated to me in the past that it doesn't matter if my Humira jab dates are not exactly 2 weeks apart. Indeed he showed very little concern for maintaining my dates with his delays in getting my new approval from Medicare. So I figure, if I can go two weeks without Humira (which is what happened), and then just go back onto it with no problems, then there shouldn't be any drama in me taking a dose three or four days early.

But other people in this forum have obviously been on Humira a lot longer than me. What do you think?
I have taken humira before for about 4 years, and my GI doctor had me taking it every 3 days, if you feel you need it to help with your crohns then I would suggest taking it today or tomorrow. I Hope this helps you. :)


:O taking humira every 3 days!! Wooo that's a lot of humira....

To answer you question Gra, I really don't think it would be a problem. I was told to take it every 14 days at first with a ±3 days limit if needed (it was more suggested in case I was going on a trip or something like that). It will probably just be beneficial to help you get to the same state you were before that temporary break.