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Taking LDN for two months


Having spent three weeks in hospital at the end of last year, with blood results off the scale, and a 14cm x 2cm abscess on my intestine, which was blocking my right kidney, I restarted LDN 2 months ago.

I am not taking any other medication, other than vitamin supplements, and follow a low residue diet.

I am delighted to say normal bowel movements - 2 x a day, I have gained half a stone, and am in no pain, until I press the area affected when I still feel some discomfort.

So, I think the LDN is working. Don't want to count my chickens, but, I seem to be going in the right direction.

I just wanted to share this with you.



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Hey Sally

Great news. Now, if you are superstitious (like me) then you probably are right not to go counting your chickens just yet... but... I think all the signs you write about are positive. I think with the passing of more and more time... and continuing good (even better) results... then it will be chicken counting time. After the nightmare I went through with this disease... AND a couple of mis-diagnoses ... AND more than one WRONG "You're cured".... it took me a long time (in retrospect) to 'accept'... 'believe in'... 'trust' my LDN.

My point? I think you know it... I think you know it is working... it is almost too good to believe, right? And given how big a disappointment it might be if it WASN'T, then why not wait until absolutely certain. I know that, with the passing of more and more time, my 'faith' in my LDN is rock solid. I just don't know if there is a shortcut to that...
Hi Kev,

Thank you for posting. Yes, I am very similar to you! Can't believe it could be working, especially as my consultant doesn't really believe it will work for me either. Here in the UK, not many specialists have had any experience with LDN for Crohns and the general practitioners generally have never heard of it!

I need to give it more time to be sure, but the signs are good. I know it's not quite in remission, but the sore area seems to be smaller. I hope this is not my imagination at work!

The hospital are keeping me on a tight rein, so at least they are keeping a close eye on me.

I will keep posting when there is any more news.

Thank you for yiur support,



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Hi Sally

I think, with the passing of time, whatever the mechanism is... this 'rebound' effect of LDN, it gets progressively stronger and stronger (at least that is my purely personal AND totally unprofessional take on it... no medical qualifications involved here). So gradually it is easy to 'think' it is a 'remission'. Me? I don't like to use that term, that phrase. Why? I believe that we have to keep taking LDN in order to keep the beast at bay, so it isn't as if the disease has gone away. The basis for this theory of mine is the minor flare-ups (mini flares) IF either you get seriously ill with something else (flu, cold, etc..) OR your supply of LDN gets stale. You get into stale pills, then you are quite likely to see symptoms come back. No, for me, it is more like insulin to diabetes... you merely control the disease