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Taking LDN in the morning


I am taking the 4.5mg dose now for almost 3 months.
I feel much better and added my menu food that I couldn't eat a few months ago.

However, I have been suffering from hard Insomnia in the last 2 months, waking up almost every night at around 1:00 and can't sleep till 4:00 - needless to say that I feel exhausted and worn out during the days and the nights are also very frustrating when you can't sleep half of the night.
So I decided today that I will switch and take LDN in the morning instead in the evening before I go to sleep.

Does any of you familiar with the insomnia phenomenon that I described, and switched to morning dose? did it changed anything?
Is there any imprtance to take it before or after food ?



Hey there David,

Gotta be honest -- I'm not sure that taking LDN during the day is such a great idea. It might be OK to do it, but in all the studies I've read, it seems like taking it before bed is the way to go, as I believe it's supposed to work while you sleep. I'll wait for others to chime in here, as I don't know if anyone else has experimented with this.

That said, I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling with your sleep patterns, but I'm glad that the LDN seems to be helping with your IBD. I haven't had any personal experience with insomnia due to LDN, however, so I can't say. As far as I know, food should not have any effect on anything.


Again, people can dispute this, but I wanted to follow-up on my original response: I did a quick Google search and while sources vary, there are voices out there that think taking LDN in the morning is fine, and those who experience sleep disturbances can do this as an alternative to taking it before bed.

I don't know how trustworthy some of these sites/sources are, but I found this out primarily on the following website:


(see second question: When is the best time in the day to take LDN?)
Hello JDTM

I also read in many websites that it is ok to take LDN during day time and it works just the same.

Do you have the link for the full research of Jill Smith - it is interesting to see if they mention people that switched to take LDN during day time because of sleeping side effects.

I hope additional people on this forum can give input on this issue.
David, I also had insomnia when taking LDN. I started having a cup of Sleepy Time chamomile tea before bed. Slept great doing that!
Thank you!

I switched to take the Dose in the morning 5 days ago.
The insomania is getting better, but still there.

I will try the Camomile tea before bedtime...

The thing that bothers me is I am having a lot of Mucus in my feces, and a few times a day only Mucus Secretion which is combined with Constipation that I am suffering from.
LDN triggers an endorphin rush, which is waking you up, however there are other ways you can get this endorphin rush, i get it when i lift heavy weights, but not when i run. i also get it when i hit my low carb diet right on. i took LDN for a year myself (no diseases, my son has crohns) and got the same massive wake up during the night. i switched to he morning and felt the rush later in the day instead. there is a hour long video interview with dr. zagon http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mary-boyle-bradley/2009/06/23/the-mary-bradley-show

he says that taking before bedtime or in the morning makes no difference, and that perhaps he started the myth that taking it at nite is optimum. there are no studies to prove this either way.
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