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Taking less Entocort?

I am on Pentasa, which I will always take, but I also take 1 capsule of entocort per day. I am feeling really good right now but I'm afraid of what the entocort will do to me in the long run so I'm thinking about taking one capsule every other day. Has anyone tried this?



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I've never taken it before so I have no idea if that's ok or not. Have you mentioned wanting to get off of it to your GI doc? I'm not too into self medicating so I'd ask the GI to be sure.


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I think Entocort is pretty safe.

I don't think you will have serious side effects; it is a steroid but it is far much better than prednisone because unlike prednisone, Entocort is very focused on the bowel.


You can take one 3mg of Entocort for up to 3 months to maintain.
I read this on their website ages ago