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Taking pain pills before injecting?

In two days I will be taking my first four shots of Humira. I was wondering if it would be alright to take half a hydrocodone or other pain pill before doing it, because I've heard it can be very painful. Especially since it's four. Plus I don't want to develop a big anxiety issue about injecting it and pain might induce that.

Thank you.
I take weekly injections, and the pain IMO really isn't that bad. The only times I've had some noticeable pain is when I didn't let the medicine thaw for at least 30 minutes.
I would not take any pain pill because, to my mind, it would not do anything against that short pain. It is really manageable, well, it was for me. So, everyone is different, but it's a sharp, short, burning pain that disappears quite fast as well. I only felt pain when I injected it and maybe one minute afterwards but that was it. No big deal, don't worry. Just take some deep breaths in between the shots and everything will work out brilliantly, believe me.
I did never wait 30 minutes before injection, only as long as it took for the window to become clear so I could see whether the liquid is clear or not. Once I waited longer, so that was maybe 30-40 minutes, but I could not feel any difference. Well, that's just my impression, but it won't be that difficult, Steve.
Wish you all the best and that Humira kicks in fast for you!
Thanks everyone. I was happy to find the pain was very short and as someone said, manageable. The only problem is that I got woozy, sweating, and almost threw up after the injections, because I often respond that way to any kind of needles, and it didn't help that I didn't eat a large enough breakfast before hand.

Still feel like I got a bad cold but I guess that'll clear up. Don't seem to have an allergic reactions or anything, just some mild itching. :thumleft:
When my daughter started her injections, especially with the loading doses, she felt awful for a number of hours after injections. After the first few months her body adjusted and we don't notice any side effects at all. Maybe she's a little tired that evening (injections are in the morning).

I'm glad it went well and I would guess it will get better as to the immediate after affects.