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Taking prednisolone and got a horrid cold

Hi, sorry to keep asking questions. I'm on a tapering course of pred (down to 15mg) and caught a cold last week. It was quite mild and seemed to go over the weekend. But Monday it came back and has been getting worse since. I'm sneezing all the time, got quite a lot of mucus, bad headache, cough and sore throat. I also feel very weak, hot and sweaty. I'm taking cold and flu cap let's, vit c and honey and lemon.

The thing is it's not showing any signs of shifting, it's getting worse. I'm not sure whether to contact my GP. I know we're meant to if we have a sore throat as it can be a sign of low white count. I really don't want this to turn into a chest infection etc

Any advice much appreciated
That's the trouble with being on steroids, they lower your immune system. Colds do last for over a week, I personally wouldn't contact my doctor unless it dragged on (but I can only speak for myself, nobody else, and I haven't any medical knowledge). I hate those colds that seem mild for a couple of days, seem to go away and then come back with a vengeance just as you're congratulating yourself on fighting it off!